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The Evolution Of Virtual Reality

Introduction Virtual reality is most widely utilized for entertainment, such as video games, 3D films, and virtual social worlds. Video game firms first introduced virtual reality headsets for consumers in the early to mid-1990s. Oculus (Rift), HTC (Vive), and Sony (PlayStation VR) all introduced next-generation commercial tethered headsets in the 2010s, igniting a new wave […]

The Future of Healthcare Apps

Introduction Think apps are just for fun? Think again. Healthcare apps are big news and are getting a lot of attention as mobile technology becomes cheaper and more accessible to the everyday person. There are new apps being created every single day that are meant to help improve the quality of healthcare and reduce the […]

22 Reasons AWS Can Help You Build HIPAA Compliant Applications

Healthcare is a rapidly changing field with new technologies arising every day. However, one thing that has remained steadfast through the years is HIPAA compliance and its necessary requirements for data security. This blog will examine how AWS can be used to set up your own secure cloud for healthcare applications without having any special […]

Ensuring HIPAA-Compliance in Mobile Health Apps

The digital health era has arrived – at least as far as patients are concerned. Accenture reports that more than half of health consumers would like to use their smartphones to interact with their healthcare providers, and seven percent have chosen to switch healthcare providers due to customer experience – a potential annual loss of […]