Website Upgrade Through Craft CMS And Contributed Plugins

Website Upgrade Through Craft CMS And Contributed Plugins


US-based Non-Profit Organization


Business Development and Networking


Revamped, Upgraded and Updated Website


Craft CMS and Contributed Plugins


The client was looking for a website redesign to stay up-to-date and at par with the W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) international web standards. They knew that it would take more than just adding new features, so they enlisted our services in order to help them fix any existing issues on their site as well get ahead of future problems.


When our client first hired us to help them fix their website, they were in a tight spot – they were unable to implement changes on their website and therefore, were unable to get it live.

Despite receiving very few details from the client about their project – from their website’s backend structure and administrative areas to the hosting services that they were using – we tackled the problem head on! Our first challenge was to analyze the full scale of the problem and then, to quickly deliver the client effective solutions while adhering to their specific requirements.

The second challenge was redesigning their website, which hadn’t been modified in over 5 years! We were asked to make it sleek, elegant and modern, while upholding web development standards and using best practices. The client also requested feature updates and web maintenance solutions.


After we spent some time understanding the assignment, we realized that the changes weren’t being implemented correctly because of poor web infrastructure. To solve this problem, we backed up their database and code, made necessary fixes and proceeded to implement the relevant changes. After implementing the changes, we thoroughly tested the entire site and verified that changes on one page did not disturb the rest.

Once we had understood the ins and outs of their website and workflows, we moved on to the task of upgrading their version of Craft CMS core and its contributed plugins. We were able to make the update while also maintaining the integrity and functionality of the website.

We also ensured consistent collaboration and communication with the client, throughout the project, via Teamwork. They would often assign minor bug fixes and other changes on the collaboration tool, which we would resolve in a timely manner.

We completely revamped the website to better meet their design and functionality requirements. And we were also able to integrate, as per their request, different forms with the external services, which collect data from form submission for tracking purposes.


  • We were able to successfully upgrade, update and integrate their website to bring it at par with community standards.
  • We were able to incorporate all the requested deployments and features while maintaining website integrity.
  • We were able to complete the project within the designated time-frame and ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • The client has also enlisted us for the on-going maintenance of their website.


  • The client was able to get their website live very shortly after they enlisted us.
  • Their new website offers an elegant design and seamless user experience.
  • On-going site maintenance is a breeze!
  • Website integrity has been restored which will make future updates much easier.
  • The client will save tons of money on site maintenance.

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