Event Management System Development & Zoom APIs Integration With Sitecore

Event Management System Development & Zoom APIs Integration With Sitecore






Event Management System, Dynamic Content Features on Landing Pages, Email Management System, and Integration with Zoom APIs




MNGHealth is a leading technology-enabled solutions company with 20 years of successful engagement with healthcare professionals. With data insights, audience analytics, and a connected marketing ecosystem, it offers multi-channel and technology-based marketing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry and provides digital and virtual channels for leading industry brands.

In the beginning, when they reached out to Mpire Solutions to work on their multi-site project as a development team, their website was divided in two sections – the Admin portal, and the Clients portal. Mpire Solutions was hired to work on the different landing pages of Clients portal as per their requirement.

The main project was related to Event Management (Online and on-demand virtual experiences) where a number of pharmaceutical organizations connect with MNGHealth in order to promote their products and services through online events attended by Doctors, PhDs, other medical practitioners and potential individuals.


While the developer team at Mpire Solutions worked on building an event management system for the website, we faced multiple technical challenges. On the other side, we faced multiple road blocks while creating complex and dynamic content features on various landing pages of the website.

Our development team successfully managed to overcome these challenges using the right combination of technologies and expertise.


  • Event Management System – To create and manage online and on-demand events through event booking, event calendar, and attendee registration.
  • Integration with Zoom APIs – To enable the existing software’s integration with Zoom software.
  • Dynamic Content on Landing Pages – To create complex and dynamic content features on landing pages.


Since the Event Management System was the core requirement of the client, we used the Sitecore technology to successfully develop the event calendar, event booking, and attendee registration options. Additionally, we created the e-mail management system and enabled existing software’s integration with Zoom APIs.


  • A system was created to automate the process of online events conducted on-demand by MNGHealth.
  • Integration with Zoom APIs was successful.
  • An email management system was developed.
  • Dynamic content on different landing pages of the website made it appear more professional and comprehensive.


  • The event management system now helps to generate and manage new online events as per the client demands.
  • With Zoom APIs integration, attendees don’t have to launch a separate Zoom Meeting.
  • The event calendar helps to manage the event dates and timings and shows the availability for online event bookings.
  • An official email management system can now communicate accurately with the potential customers of MNGHealth.

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