WordPress Website Development, Rebranding, And Redesigning

WordPress Website Development, Rebranding, And Redesigning


Financial Services


Website Development, Rebranding & Redesigning, Website Support & Maintenance


WordPress, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap


Bread Financial (formerly Bread Payments) is a technology based financial services company that offers personalized payment, lending and saving solutions. The company provides BreadPay, a financing platform that allows its users to make online purchases from participating retailers and pay for those purchases over time.

They reached out to Mpire Solutions to develop a new official website. It is noteworthy that Bread Payments and Mpire enjoy three years of excellent business relationship which is discussed throughout this success story.

Keeping in mind this continuing and growing business relationship, we ended up not only developing their website but with a complete rebranding and redesigning approach and later providing maintenance and support.


The client was looking for a professional and customized WordPress website with an excellent user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) for their main financial service. The key challenge was that they already had an existing website which they wanted us to rebrand and redesign as per their requirements on a very short timeline.


WordPress Website Development

Develop a highly functional WordPress website displaying important information for both merchants and customers along with payment plans and all other essential information.

Website Redesigning / Rebranding

  • To enhance the user experience and user interface design of the website.
  • To enrich the layout, content display and color theme of the website.


Keeping in mind the short deadline and the initial design provided by the client, our certified WordPress developers successfully managed to complete the back-end development to get the desired results for the client.

This website included the following key information about the services provided by the client;

  • About PayPlan
  • Applications & Getting Started
  • Billings & Payments
  • Logging In & Account Management
  • Order & Delivery Status
  • Returns & Refunds
  • COB Update
  • Payment Failed
  • FlexPlan for Apple Products

After a successful launch of the website, the client asked for redesigning and redevelopment of the existing website. We assisted them in enhancing the visual layout, content structure, and color theme.

However, the process of making amendments to the website was a challenge in itself and required a standardized process to make any modifications. This process comprised of three phases, i.e., Development, Staging, and Launch.

In the first phase, the required changes were made by our team of developers and were tested by our internal QA team. The second phase was where the outcome of these changes were tested by the team of Bread Financial. Once the changes were approved by the client, we merged things making them ready for the launch. These steps were necessary to follow each time client required any changes made to the website.

Post launch, we continue to provide professional maintenance and support services to the client to date.


  • We successfully managed the WordPress website development as per the client’s requirements.
  • The existing website was redesigned and rebranded with highly functional user experience and user interactive design.


  • With the newly revamped website, customers and merchants now get all the essential information against their queries conveniently.
  • With the redesigning and rebranding, the website has become more user-friendly and effective for both customers and merchants.

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