Shopify Application Development & Integration For Customized Payment Module

Shopify Application Development & Integration For Customized Payment Module

CLIENT – Private Digital Family Organizer and App


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Shopify Application & Integration for Customized Payment Module


Shopify & PHP

Background is a private digital family organizer and app that helps preserve personal, family, and business memories. They organize and digitize photographs, videos, documents, stories, and other types of media so that users can create beautiful storytelling and personal sharing using the digital family organizer and app.

Since the client already had a fully functional Shopify website, they were looking for a customized payment module to manage the complete subscription process using the Shopify application. With the help of the customized app, the client was looking to add value to the customer experience so that users can claim multiple discounts on a single subscription.

Furthermore, they required an efficiently running application to assist the active and non-active users. In addition to the customized Shopify application, they also wanted a proper and smooth integration to achieve their objectives.


Already built-in limitations of Shopify were the key challenges we faced when developing a customized Shopify App. The basic limitation for the client was that users subscribing to their platform can only apply one discount voucher at a time for a single subscription. The experienced Shopify developers’ team at Mpire Solutions had to find and implement the best-customized solution to overcome this limitation efficiently.

Another key challenge related to the custom Shopify App was to link/integrate it with the Recharge App for a customized payment module. It further included the following challenges;

  1. To check and verify who is subscribing to the platform.
  2. Type of discounts users can avail or claim on a specific subscription (Half-Yearly or Yearly subscription).
  3. The renewal or cancellation of the subscription with specific timelines.
  4. Expiry terms and conditions of the subscriptions.
  5. The timeline of the subscription should define the nature and number of discounts a user can claim.
  6. To implement and manage the subscription process throughout the website.
  7. To implement the complete payment module with Recharge APIs integration.


Customized Shopify Application Development – To manage the subscription process including discounts and coupons throughout the payment module.


The client already had a fully operational Shopify website, so we developed the entire customized Shopify application from scratch using the required technologies.

Since the client was looking forward to managing their discount mechanism and verifying who is subscribing to their platform, we integrated the customized Shopify App with Recharge APIs to meet the custom requirements for the client. The Shopify application was entirely customized and was integrated into their existing Shopify store. Even after facing so many limitations, we managed to implement the functionalities efficiently.

Furthermore, we implemented an automatic recurring email management system for the client using PHP technology. This was specifically for the ease of users, for example, if a registered user is inactive for more than a month, the email management system will automatically generate an email with some discount to attract them again.


  • A fully functional customized Shopify application was developed for the client and integrated with their existing Shopify website.
  • The integration between the Shopify application with Recharge APIs enabled the smooth payment process for the client.
  • With the help of our customized Shopify Application solution, the client’s registered users can now purchase their subscriptions, and in return, the client provides them with a variety of features and discounts.


  • The client has a fully efficient system now in the form of a Shopify website integrated with a Shopify application.
  • The users of can easily apply for multiple discounts even for a single subscription.
  • The client now has a proper backend mechanism through which they can create new discounts as per the requirements.

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