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Benefits of using Shopify: Why use Shopify CMS for eCommerce development?

Shopify Ecommerce

Are you a budding Entrepreneur or a medium-size business owner who wants to sell stuff online? Do you wish to open your online store but don’t have the right skills or understanding of website design? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then Shopify CMS is the right solution for you.

Shopify is a popular CMS that helps in creating an online store with minimum technical understanding. You can set up, customize, manage the store, sell your products across the globe via a website, social media, and your mobile.

Shopify is popular among startups because it is the simplest, easiest and the finest eCommerce platform out there. Here are some notable features that will help you to create your online store on Shopify or migrate your store to Shopify from any other CMS platform.

Speedy & Secure Hosting Server

One core challenge that you will face while running an online store is your hosting server. The server must be screaming fast and secured. As users prefer websites that are lightning-fast and demand super-secured credit card processing.

Speed is the actual culprit to user experience. A research by Google revealed that more than 53% of the users leave a website if it takes more than two seconds to load.

On the flip side you must route the customer’s credit card through an extra layer of security so that customer credentials remain safe. Mostly, eStores outsource the payment solutions to a third-party vendor namely PayPal or Google Wallet, but this can slow-down your store processing if the setup is incorrect.

Shopify presents an all-in-one solution to both issues by handing them to pros, which means you do not need to worry about hackers, caching, and even compliance. Shopify pay bounties to security experts to hack-proof their systems. A publicly-traded company with big investments is legit and safe.

There are a ton of factors that affect the speed of a website, but Shopify CMS can handle it all without complicating it. The SSL and seamless payment integration are few core advantages of using Shopify for your eCommerce store.

Shopify CMS has all the necessary features

When you build your own shopping store you want it to be perfect. It is like giving an all-in-one solution that will overcome all the challenging pieces and create a user-centric eCommerce store.

Surely, your goal is to create an eStore that simplifies buying and allows customers to share their information safely.

An integrated payment gateway, easy addition, and removal of products. Easy customization and analytics to track everything.

We can tell with an experience that Shopify has all the tools necessary to create an amazing store and generate leads without spending much on key features.

Impressive Customer Support 

We have built tons of stores for our clients and with the experience we can tell that in between Shopify and other eCommerce CMS platforms, Shopify’s customer support is excellent.

If you try to build the store yourself, you require a lot of support from online forums and developers. And Shopify has a lot of support from everywhere.

Starting from the huge FAQ section to email support and chat support with real knowledge that will immerse your brain with relevant knowledge so that you won feel lost. The good thing with Shopify is that you will get everything that you easily without wandering away on the internet.

Migrating to Shopify store is just a click away!

Add-Ons / Plugins 

Shopify has a ton of built-in features, but surely not every platform can accommodate every feature, that is why more than 2,400 Shopify apps make it easy for store owners to make the store seamless and customer-friendly.

Some Shopify apps are paid while others are free.

And over the past few years, this is one of the core benefits of using Shopify CMS. So many companies need customizations and integration in their store which can easily be done with Shopify apps.

Over the past few years, Shopify CMS has improved drastically. A lot of flexibility was added to ease the merchants and provide them with full support and control over their eCommerce store.

Not every CMS platform can pull it off brilliantly, but Shopify does – and the development team at Shopify works hard for improving and developing new apps to solve problems.

Marketing made easy 

What is the purpose of an online store if no one can find it? That is what marketing is for – and Shopify CMS really excels at it. Shopify might not include that fancy marketing tools but surely the essentials that Shopify does have are enough to make your eStore appear in search results.

For marketing campaigns, Shopify makes it easy to create engaging landing pages which is the key differentiator that makes Shopify CMS efficient than other CMS.

For SEO Shopify ensures that your store is crawlable. The custom title, meta descriptions make it easy for even the non-technical persons to add content and make the store visible in search results.

If you are really looking for one platform that can take care of your SEO, marketing, design, and user experience then Shopify is the CMS that you must choose.

Grab those incomplete orders 

At times customers will leave your store without completing the purchase. And more than 2/3rd of the customers will not even revert to you with what bothered them. The Shopify CMS handles this cart abandonment problem well.

The store tracks down incomplete orders and reminds customers to complete the purchase. This will not only improve your revenue; it will build trust among customers and they’ll become your loyal customers.

It is Affordable 

As a startup, you might think that using Shopify might be expensive but one of the most popular benefits of using Shopify is that it is affordable and budget-friendly for startups and small-scale business owners. Other than the monthly subscription fees, you can choose a pricing plan and pay for the features you need.

Wrapping it up 

The best thing about using Shopify is its simplicity and affordable pricing. It is the first choice for sellers who just have few products to sell and do not want to invest in any heavy-duty, complicated CMS.

Just pick a theme, upload the products, and your store is ready to sell those products. You can close the store anytime. You can even have the flexibility to test various business ideas on a single store.

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