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Is Drupal Still Worth Using in 2022?

The internet world is always changing, with newer and better improvements added every second. It is an ever-changing world tracking the demands of customers daily. Users ask for a better, more personalized experience and connectivity across various devices. Regarding a particular website, the demand for interaction layouts and enhanced features is also increasing. With such a mutable online system, everyone is looking for an adaptable CMS. One that can benefit a business in a constantly developing industry. Every single Drupal agency in Boston focuses on a suitable CMS for all.

The Drupal CMS has been leading this industry ever since changes started. It is known to help enterprises by creating a digital presence when it comes to growing and expanding online. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted and revolutionized development cycles across CMS platforms. With such an impact, almost every CMS platform, even Drupal, got fast-tracked by this change. As Drupal 7 is on its horizon with the new CMS, a lot can change. Thus, businesses and companies are considering whether Drupal is still a preferable CMS for 2022.

An Ever Changing CMS Industry

Focusing on recent scenarios, companies followed an omnichannel system to manage content. The system was often referred to as the COPE system. The Create Once, Publish Everywhere, or COPE system gained popularity fast. Many enterprises want to upgrade their website model, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience. This will help their businesses achieve better KPIs and important goals. Drupal, therefore, has thrived in the industry and seems to keep growing.

But a few insights make Drupal stand out from the rest. Understand what makes Drupal the best CMS option for businesses in 2022. But before that, take a deep look into the insights to better understand this.

What Makes Drupal Unique?

Drupal effortlessly stands out from other CMS names in the industry. Almost every Drupal agency in Boston has listed out there some element of uniqueness. Drupal’s extensibility has been increasing fast every second. This has made it more prominent compared to other CMS entities. The platform includes APIs and module-focused systems. These systems are helpful for developers to improve their site’s functionality and to fulfill users’ needs/ Developers also can use “contrib modules” available for everyone. These modules can help them implement updated features on the website. For most, Drupal is an easy-to-manage and seamless platform for everyone.

APIs and Enhancing Extensibility

The Drupal platform allows you to implement web services on your site using stable APIs. These APIs will assist you in maximizing extensibility and adding more stability. Moreover, these APIs will also support and improvise communication with general applications. These applications can be diverse and built on Android or iOS operating systems.

These APIs are carefully developed to improve customer experience the most. It focuses on providing your site with faster page rendering and better admin-related protocols. Furthermore, admins can personalize the site’s language with better features now. This is one of many reasons every Drupal agency in Boston listed focused on APIs. These APIs are the leading factors for everyone working on Drupal.

The Leading CMS, Drupal, in 2022

Since its inception in 2001, Drupal has been upgrading its version. As of now, Drupal is at its 9th version with various upgrades. Despite its versatility, upgrading to another Drupal version needs new code. So, the Drupal 9 code is quite different from the previous versions.

Thus, many websites that function on the previous versions of the Drupal CMS need to rebuild. Not only that but also adapt new frameworks to the latest version of Drupal. These updates can cost complications and more time and money with your website. Even after so many changes, Drupal has gained an actively collaborative community. The platform is now the back of about 2.3% of all the websites on the internet. These sites include government as well as private institutions.

There are various reasons why Drupal remains ahead of the curve. Some of the reasons why Drupal will still lead the CMS industry in 2022 are mentioned below.

Enhancing the Website Management System

Unlike many CMS in the industry, Drupal enables everyone to implement third-party tools to improve the web experience. The platform is developed to function in a way to manage systems to improve web experiences. Everything from its flexibility to its system enables enterprises to implement various elements in the website. These elements can include marketing, CRM, and site platforms. Aside from improving the overall system, it also prevents unneeded automation and tools. This maintains healthy customer interaction and better growth.

Developing a Personalized and User-Focused System

Drupal 9 assists businesses in developing user-focused experiences for their possible customers. Sites should be made to fulfill users’ requirements by leading them toward your main objectives. This can include your company’s main features or offerings. You can direct users to conclude a purchase decision instantly. This will save more time and lead to better results.

Sites that focus on fulfilling the needs of their users have a high inflow of loyal customers. This can be done by holding personalization and user-focused interactions by the business. Moreover, customers are more focused on visiting your site if it helps them somehow. Therefore, sites tailored to meet their needs are certainly the most beneficial. Every single Drupal agency in Boston listed had a high number of loyal customers.

How Drupal Improves the CMS for Users?

Drupal allows several pre-built modules companies use to meet their customers’ needs. This is one of the most general reasons why Drupal keeps an edge over its customers. Drupal uses various modules to strengthen the CMS for all users. The major ones are mentioned below.


With various modules of Drupal dedicated to personalization, companies have a lot of choices. Companies can use these modules to develop a custom experience for their users using important content. Furthermore, the personalization module can also be used alongside other modules. The modules can ease things up, from managing your browser history to the overall eCommerce.

Diverse and Effective Instructions

Drupal works effectively with various instructive optimization modules like BigPipe. These modules can help you improve your website’s overall speed and effectiveness. Almost every Drupal agency in Boston had focused on diverse modules the most.

Excessive and Flexibility Elements

Flexibility can help you ensure a stable user experience alongside the personalization and instructive modules. Various elements can help you to add more efficiency to sites used for marketing and promotions. Many modules can help you formulate an easy and consistent model for flexibility.

Developing a Secure and Error-Free Website Structure

For content management systems to support the structure of websites, they should not have errors. Any CMS needs to be secure and error-proof. Drupal has secured high-profile government organizations and well-known corporations as their users. They have done it by making security the platform’s main focus. However, some businesses believe that proprietary platforms are safer and more reliable than open-source CMS.

Implementing an Efficient SEO Framework

Using proper structure successfully, Drupal offers the path to enhance website SEO. One of the most customizable choices for a CMS platform is offered by the platform. Auto-tagging technologies provided by Drupal ensure the automatic addition of Meta tags to the website content.

Thanks to the module, you can also control and influence how your content is shown on social media. The platform lets you publish your material on social media in the manner of your choice. It can be done using Twitter Cards and OPG for Twitter and Facebook, as needed.

Improving Scalability with Content Management

Because of its scalability, Drupal is the platform for many businesses. Thanks to the secure CMS platform, you can scale your website as your business expands. Using its adaptable API framework, you may manage various data items in real-time. This is why every Drupal agency in Boston has included improved scalability.

The design also guarantees that even during the biggest data surges, there will be no outages or difficulties. As a result, the platform creates your website to endure in the most used online systems. Content management tools make reviewing and approving content before its release easier. These tools make it easier for developers to delete, pull, and edit content.

The Launch of Drupal 10 in 2023

Drupal releases updated versions to stay updated in the CMS industry. While Drupal 7 is near death, Drupal 9 stays ahead of the curve. This Drupal version works best in improving and enhancing your site’s structure.

Drupal 10 is going to be developed on this Drupal 9 system. This version will focus on front-end themes and other Drupal core elements. The Drupal developers will be focused on bringing needed elements and updates in this next version to build a unique experience.


Much like every Drupal agency in Boston had, businesses need to stay reliable. Drupal, therefore, works best in providing an effective and secure platform. If you want to build a website or migrate to a new CMS system, Drupal works the best. Even if big businesses mostly prefer it, Drupal works great with startups and small entities. The Drupal infrastructure works best in any project. However, having a Drupal team by your side is always better. Not only will it save you more time, but it will also lead to better rates of returns.

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