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Google Area 120 QAYA, a Service Offering a Web Storefront for Digital Creators


With a vision to permit digital creators to simply set up a new web storefront for their customers, tech giant Google’s Area 120 has introduced an extravagant service named QAYA.

This new project, QAYA, was co-founded by a person who is known as a founder-in-residence at Area 120, Nathaniel Naddaff-Hafrey. He previously worked on jobs marketplace Kormo aimed at the “next billion” internet consumers, especially those in markets located in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

After taking advice from many influencers and hearing complaints from creators about how challenging and time-consuming it is to digitally build their businesses. And there, he got the idea for QAYA, introduced a service that helps digital creators with business success.

This blogpost will cover the following information:

  1. Introduction
  • See What Nathaniel Naddaf-Hafrey Has Said on QAYA’s Project
  • What is Google area 120 QAYA?

2. Features of QAYA

  • Customizes Your Storefront
  • Showcases Your Skills
  • Builds Micro-Websites
  • Supports a Variety of Monetization
  • Supports both Gated and Accessible Products
  • Merch Shelf for YouTube Creators

What is Google Area 120 QAYA?

Google Area 120 QAYA is a brand new incubator by Google. It also has the same spirit as other startups but this time, it’s backed by Google itself. This startup incubator was created to develop new entrepreneurship projects and help those startups to succeed in the industry.

See What Nathaniel Naddaf-Hafrey Has Said on Google Area 120 QAYA Project:

Nathaniel Naddaf-Hafrey said that after spending time with many of the creators, we thought that it would be a challenging thing for us to develop a project like QAYA, but thanks to Covid’19’s pandemic, which made us available to give maximum time to launch this project.

The QAYA project is one of the unique and latest ideas initiated from Google’s in-house project incubator named area 120. Reorganization at the company has escalated to status after many of its preceding projects have moved to different parts of Google, counting search engine, cloud, shopping, and commerce departments.

Well, do you know what QAYA is? It is a service that offers creators a chance to show up their products and sell services directly to their audiences through web storefronts.

Nathaniel Naddaff-Hafrey, a co-founder and G.M. of QAYA, said in a blog post, “Today, we are launching QAYA’s U.S. beta launch, as part of Area 120. We are looking forward to its success, hoping that it would serve digital creators a highly-valued service – they are looking for since long”.

“We are simply focused on what future technology beholds – it must be tech-success world ahead. Initially, we are making our way to the United States; however, we soon will introduce this service to more countries, hopefully. Also, we are exploring more new and sculptured ways to help or support creators so that they could experience other types of digital goods,” Naddaff-Hafrey further said.

“To this date, Google Area 120 QAYA is a small and nimble team committed to offering digital creators the help to build businesses on the web”, the company stated. The team of QAYA is working as the CEOs of their businesses, needing the same profitable tools as any efficacious founders.

The best thing? If you are a digital creator, you can sell almost everything on QAYA – from wellness training videos to workout clothes, photo filters, beat packs, productivity templates, knitting patterns, and whatnot. The QAYA Company has also revealed that you can (as a creator) use QAYA as the hub for your business doings across the web.

The company further stated that creators could link their QAYA’s storefronts from their social media platforms, for instance, Instagram and Facebook’s bios, showcasing products and services they want to sell. With payment functionality built-in, we offer a custom “Your Name Channel” or URLs,” statement ended on this note.

To note, QAYA service is only launched in the United States for beta testing. However, Non-U.S. users can also join a waitlist while waiting for QAYA to be found in their specific country. Not just that, digital creators from all around the world who would like to gain credentials to QAYA’s beta can ask for an invitation from the QAYA Website.

Features of Google Area 120 QAYA:

Here we have discussed a few of the features offered by the newly launched app “QAYA”. Let’s take a sneak peek:

Storefront Customization

QAYA’s platform allows creators to set up their personalized web storefronts to feature their services and products exactly the way they want.

As previously discussed, the storefront can be linked to any creator’s social media platform and integrated with Google services and shopping.

Showcases Your Skills

In QAYA’s storefronts, you can easily showcase your skills as well, like knitting patterns, which gives your business a legit boost. A team of QAYA said, “You can add up to 1000 products that can be presented per storefront”.

What’s more? If you (as a creator) sell the physical goods or services on other platforms, an import function may allow you to showcase similar items on your QAYA’s web page with your personal branding. Not just that, services of such types help creators build their businesses, featuring what they have to display.

Builds Micro-Websites

QAYA lets creators build micro-websites, pointing to their several online presences, including social media channels, shops, music, blogs, live videos, podcasts, and much more.

It permits creators also to feature links to their other social media platforms, which might be placed on the top of the page beneath the creator’s name and bio.

Supports a Variety of Monetization

Another feature of QAYA is “Google Pay”, which is built into QAYA, and supports a variety of monetization types. It may include one-time payments, subscriptions, and tipping charges. Another best thing about QAYA is its offering of insights and analytics. It gives creators an idea of how the creators’ products perform in terms of sales.

For now, the artifact is free to use, with monetization management on a transactional basis. That is, creators may keep the “vast majority” of the profits they make from foods they sell on QAYA, notes Google.

Supports both Gated and Accessible Products

Another best feature of QAYA is its exceptional support to gated and free products– QAYA app supports both gated and accessible products regardless of the fact that Google’s also emerging subscription and other monetization options.

This feature could work as a convenient accompaniment for digital creators. However, every social app development has its unified systems to assist creator monetization, which probably refutes the significance of linking to third-party forums for many cases.

But then again, QAYA is introduced with a direct link to Google-owned belongings, such as YouTube, where digital creators will be able to indorse products straight from QAYA rather than a third-party platform, below their YouTube clips.

Merch Shelf for YouTube Creators

The company is now proceeding Merch Shelf interactions for competent YouTube Creators who join QAYA’s Beta and, in time, indicates that QAYA has become a direction for digital creators to succeed and make business life easier. It allows creators to sell even more products than asked, including all types of goods.


We live in a world that is constantly developing and changing every day. This is a process that is empowered by technology and required for an enhanced future. It is a fact that technology evolution might take us forward and can be based on smart values. Not just that, it also can offer unique perspectives, knowledge, awareness, and empowerment.

As we grow in the future, technology evolution, like Google Area 120 QAYA project , helps us grow with modern solutions and create a better world to live in tomorrow.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about QAYA and why it was launched for digital creators. If you want to expand your visibility through web/mob app or software development solution, MpireSolutions is the best and the most authentic option.

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