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Explore the Range of Websites You Can Craft with Drupal

Explore the Range of Websites You Can Craft with Drupal

When you are launching a new website or redesigning your current one, it is essential to choose the right platform that meets your particular needs. Unclear and scattered data can confuse you and make it difficult to decide which technology to choose.

Many of the highest and largest traffic websites use Drupal CMS to deal with their growing audience. Drupal is an open-source content management system to develop diverse websites, from personal blogs to complex e-commerce portals.

So, in this article, we will discuss why Drupal websites are the best choice for creating websites for traveling and non-profit organizations.

Travel and Tourism Websites

Tourism websites are one of the most famous types of websites that are built with Drupal. Unlike normal websites, a travel website needs multiple features for facilitating community interactions, a list of hundreds of tourist locations, a section for rating and reviews, a detailed traveling blog that can be maintained by several authors or even travelers, slideshows, a photo and video gallery, and many more.

So, if you are planning a new travel website or migrating your traveling website to a different CMS, you should prefer a Drupal website due to its malleable and highly flexible nature. Drupal has appeared as one of the best CMS for travel and tourism websites.

Explore why Drupal CMS could be ideal for creating a tourism website.

  • Reason#1: Seamless Content Management

First, as a flexible and robust CMS, Drupal websites allow easy content management. This feature greatly helps traveling websites because they need to showcase a great amount of content such as images, videos, and articles.

  • Reason#2: Customization

The next reason for preferring a Drupal website is that this highly customized Content Management System has many themes and modules that add functionality and enhance the website’s overall look.

  • Reason#3: Scalability

During peak seasons, travel websites experience spikes in traffic. As a scalable platform, Drupal websites are capable of handling a large amount of traffic during the holiday or festive seasons hence a good choice for your traveling website.

  • Reason#4: Multilingual Support

One more reason for selecting a Drupal website is that it offers built-in support for multilingual websites. It is necessary for a travel site as the website’s target audience can be in different regions and countries. With just a single Drupal installation, you can instantly take your local travel business beyond the country’s boundaries because Drupal websites eliminate language barriers.

  • Reason#5: SEO Friendly

Attracting more visitors is also important for travel websites, so they must rank high in search engines. Drupal websites are SEO-friendly and provide tools to optimize the website in search results. Besides all these, Drupal websites also provide powerful security features, which are important for any website that contains sensitive data such as payment details.

Overall, Drupal websites are ideal for creating an engaging and dynamic online presence for building a travel website. Also, Drupal has several features that help travel agencies/companies interactively showcase their services and destinations.

List of Travel Websites Built in Drupal

Some of the world’s best-known tourism websites use Drupal as their content management system; among them are

  • NMS Booking
  • Portugal 360°
  • StadtLandTour
  • US Servas
  • VakantieZ

Charities and Non-Profit Organization’s Websites

Non-profit and charity organizations are another type of website that can gain benefit from Drupal’s features. One of the biggest challenges non-profit charities and organizations face is reaching a wide audience with limited resources. A strong, flexible, and secure website is crucial for these managements to share their purpose, engage with followers, and raise funds.

Drupal websites provide many benefits that help non-profit charities and organizations create engaging and effective websites. The content management system of the Drupal website offers a wide range of benefits that can help them to build an effective website.

Let’s read some benefits of choosing Drupal over other CMS for creating a non-profit organization website.

  • Reason#1: Cost Effective

As an open-source CMS, Drupal websites reduce costs by saving much money on software licensing fees. In addition, websites built in Drupal allow non-profit organizations to accurately reflect their mission and brand with a wide range of modules and themes. These themes can be customized to meet the organization’s specific needs.

  • Reason#2: Versatility

Whether the organization is small or large, Drupal websites have the tools to profit from all sizes and shapes of websites. Thanks to the simple method of setting up a website, smaller management can benefit from Drupal’s low barrier to entry. But what when it comes to larger organizations that have complex requirements? Drupal websites are well-equipped to handle them effectively.

Large charity organizations such as Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity had a great experience using modules to launch and maintain multiple websites for their several campaigns.

  • Reason#3: Easy Content Management

Another reason for preferring Drupal over other CMS to build a non-profit and charity organization is its simple content management facility. The user-friendly interface for handling content makes Drupal websites suitable for non-profit organizations and charities. This feature simplifies organizations to edit, add, and publish content such as blog posts and news updates.

  • Reason#4: Multilingual Advantage

Next Drupal website features built-in support for multilingual websites. It translates website content to visitors in their local language, helping the organization to spread its message and mission globally. So, no need to maintain several alternate language websites. This incredible content management system also can change the system interface language, giving people easy access wherever they form.

  • Reason#5: Effortless Fundraising

One of the biggest advantages of Drupal websites for non-profit organizations and charities is its expertise in handling donations and fundraising. Drupal modules are easy to install and allow you to accept donations securely through the website through several payment gateways.

In short, a Drupal website is a perfect choice for non-profit organizations and charities looking to create an effective online presence. Drupal website offers strong accessibility tools to benefit an organization’s website, ensuring that the mission of the organization reaches a wider audience.

List of Non-Profit & Charity Organization Websites Built in Drupal

Given its power, it’s no surprise that many non-profit and charity organizations choose Drupal to power their websites

  • org
  • Mercy Corps’ Global Envision and Action Center
  • Asia Society
  • Children in Crisis
  • Children of Africa Foundation

Why Should You Choose Drupal

Drupal is an ideal choice for your website when you need:

  • A multilingual website
  • A scalable website for content growth
  • A robust management system
  • A sophisticated editorial workflow
  • To manage a high-traffic website
  • E-commerce with content management
  • Many content types – landing pages, events, blogs, files, press releases, images, etc.


Selecting Drupal for creating websites can provide many benefits, such as scalability, flexibility, and security. Drupal website helps organizations, agencies, and businesses to integrate location-based services, build custom landing pages, and provide multilingual support. These facilities help them reach the target market and accomplish their goals productively.

Are you considering building a Drupal website for your organization or business?

Many companies that design Drupal websites, so it is important to select a reliable company that has expertise in Drupal web design. By hiring a reputable Drupal developing company, you can enjoy a seamless user experience.

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