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Easy Web Development with Bubble: Pros, Cons And Features

Bubble is a web development tool that can be used to create custom web applications for your business regardless of size or niche. It is an open-source web application, which means it will never cost you anything to use it! Bubble is one of the most popular web development tools on the market right now, and there are many advantages and disadvantages of using this service for your website.

What Is Bubble?

Bubble is a free web application platform that allows you to create web applications from scratch. It does not require any coding knowledge, and it is compatible with all operating systems! The bubble has been downloaded over 500 million times across the world, so it’s definitely one of the most popular no-code web development tools on the market right now.

Pros And Cons Of Web Development with Bubble 

Pros of Web Development with Bubble 

  • Web development is 100% free.
  • Web applications can be created on any operating system.
  • Does not require coding knowledge to use web development application.
  • The web applications can be deployed on any hosting service that you choose to use, which means there are no limitations when it comes to choosing your web developer provider.
  • Web development is compatible with all web browsers.

Cons of Web Development with Bubble 

  • The web application can only be saved locally on your computer, not in the cloud.
  • Must have an internet connection to access web applications created with Bubble.
  • Web development is somewhat limited when it comes to customizing certain elements of your web application (i.e.: colors, fonts, etc.)
  • There are a limited number of plug-ins available.

Bubble provides a dedicated hosting plan, in which they host your web apps on infrastructure that is separate from the rest of the Bubble network. They run your apps, just like with the shared plans, so you don’t have to worry about establishing servers, install software, or managing to keep them alive. Unlike the shared plans, they run your web app on dedicated servers that aren’t hosted with any other users, increasing stability and allowing you to scale as required.

Databases, a caches server, and even more than one web application servers make up a typical devoted installation. They don’t track the number of processes you execute on a dedicated plan; rather than, the actual capacity of the hardware is your primary limit. They keep an eye on your infrastructure’s efficiency, and if it appears that your app is going to slow down due to additional users than the hardware can handle, they’ll contact you and advise an update.

What are the pros and cons of using the web application bubble? There are many advantages to creating custom web applications with this service, but there are also some disadvantages that you will want to know about!

Overview Of Bubble Features

Now that you understand the pros and cons of web development with Bubble, it’s time to learn about some of its features!

Custom Web Applications

You can create custom web apps from scratch using this platform, which means no coding knowledge is necessary! This is one of the most basic and important features of this platform as anyone can use this without having any kind of expertise related to web development or its basic coding. It gives click-by-click instructions to make navigation easier for the users. It is fully functional and can be customized as per the needs.

Open Source

The code for this web application is open-source, which means it will never cost you a penny to use. All individuals have permission to use this platform for free without any limitations or restrictions. Individuals have all the rights to copy, customize, or publish the copy of the software since it is open-sourced.


The bubble web development tool is compatible with all operating systems. You can easily develop powerful website applications. Furthermore, you can also publish the developed apps on Google Play & App Store without any restrictions.

Analytics Tools

You can view your web application’s analytic within the bubble software – no need for additional coding knowledge! This allows us to analyze the factors involved throughout the web application.

Export & Management Of Th e Data

One of the best features of the bubble is that you can easily manage the data throughout the platform without any hurdles. Furthermore, it allows you to transfer or share the web app data with the help of MS Excel or CSV files.

Private Data

It provides options of customized security where you can easily set up rules of what exactly users can see. If you think that there is some private data that should not be shared with the users, simply hide the data within the platform.


Users have all the opportunities and flexibility to extend their web apps with the use of no-code API and Javascript plugins. The provided plugins are efficient enough to find the solution to all types of business problems. However, you can also create your own as per the needs.

Customized Views Of Data

One of the effective features of is th at you can customize your own view of the database using various filters. These filters can help you to get a deep insight into the database of the App. It can further enhance your daily data operations as a powerful backend source.

Multi-Factor Authentication

With production and dedicated plans, you can easily protect your bubble account. It further supports the user to protect their own accounts within the application that you have developed. So, you don’t have to worry about security issues.


You can also keep the track of visitors to recognize the most-visited parts of the application. The built-in analytics feature is the most significant among others. It allows you to make the best and informed decisions that are in favor of the scenario.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the necessary features of the bubble is that you can control the search results with the help of various basic SEO strategies, such as optimized meta titles, generating site maps, unique URLs, and many other unique strategies.

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