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The Evolution of Digital Marketing: Past, Present, and Future

Introduction Digital marketing has come a long way. From email to search engines, mobile to social media, digital ads to content marketing—the industry’s evolution hasn’t been boring at all. To help put things into perspective, this post reviews the history of digital marketing and provides insights into where we’re headed. Digital marketing is a strange […]

Top 10 Website Performance Metrics That Matter In 2022

Introduction You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Businesses are constantly trying to put the finger on visitor engagement and ROI to optimize their content marketing and online advertising efforts. Without data, you are just shooting in the dark. So here are the top 10 website performance metrics that every business should be paying attention […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Google Sitelinks Search Box

The Google Sitelinks Search Box is yet another SEO feature that can impact your site traffic and user experience. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the search box, including how to use it to your benefit. What it is First, let’s go over what the Google Sitelinks Search Box looks […]

How Google’s Invisible reCAPTCHA Will Improve Your User Experience

From a marketer’s perspective, spam can be death. If your blog comments are bogged down by spam comments or other types of negative content, your Google rankings suffers and the user experience drops. But at the same time, the same negative effects happen if you get overprotective. Google’s reCAPTCHA, for example, has been universally hated […]

SEO Strategies: How to Approach the Pretty Girl Who Needs a Date for the Dance

Remember the agony of just thinking about asking your crush to the school dance? In your head you constantly went over different strategies, but they all ended with the same result. SEO can be just like that at times. Businesses don’t exactly know how to approach it, and they spin their wheels by switching back and […]

How To Rank in Google’s Featured Snippet Box

You may have noticed that Google has made some changes in how they display some search engine query results. Most notable is the increase in the number of Featured Snippets it displays on the top of the search engine results page (SERP). A Featured Snippet (also known as a “rich snippet” and a “rich answer”, […]

Increase your visibility in Google with these 3 easy steps

After successfully launching a new web design company and receiving a few repeat clients, most businesses usually gets trapped inside a comfort zone. They just stop trying to impress their clients or even look for new and better clients. Of course, making a good profit is the number one goal of any business. However, it […]