EDI Integration With Existing ERP

EDI Integration With Existing ERP


Established Manufacturer and Supplier of Lifestyle products


Lifestyle, Retail & Wholesale


B2B EDI Integration for various trading partners


Azure Integration Services

O ur client is an established manufacturer and supplier of lifestyle products ranging from kitchen, household, fitness, and outdoor to recreation. Keeping in mind their broad spectrum of products, they are registered sellers on eBay, Amazon, etc.

They were receiving enormous numbers of orders from their partners. To ensure efficient business processes and lesser paperwork, they incorporated cloud based B2B EDI trading solution while integrating it with their NetSuite ERP for end-to-end cycle of order creation to order fulfillment.


Being a large scale manufacturer, the client was already getting surplus orders. Due to COVID-19, the demand for their products increased further resulting in a great number of EDI based transactions. Due to a surge in such transactions, the cost of their current EDI service provider had also grown manifolds.

On a separate note, due to a constant increase in the EDI based transactions, mapping requirements also increased exponentially which is a cumbersome process, sometimes taking days and weeks to accomplish. This eventually creates business issues on the client / customer side. Besides, while accuracy remained a core requirement for seamless exchange of business transactions with their trading partners/stakeholders, the solution was also prone to errors.


  • Stability – the system has to be stable enough to handle several orders.
  • Monitoring – the system should be monitored to alert the operation personnel about any errors.
  • Partners: B2B and Big Box Retailers including Amazon, Ebay, Sephora, Macys, and Bed Bath & Beyond.


To overcome these major challenges, Azure Logic Apps has been implemented in place of customer’s existing EDI partner as a cost efficient option. It was also chosen to help increase the reliability, scalability and security of the system. Through Azure Logic Apps, the client gained more control on their frequent B2B transactions, eliminating the dependency on the existing EDI partner.


Implementing Azure Logic Apps has turned the system robust by efficient handling of enormous amount of B2B transactions. Moreover, it has resulted in providing the client more control on their frequent B2B transactions while also eliminating the dependency on the existing EDI partner. Not only the overall cost has decreased, but the cost efficiency has also increased up to a whopping 75%.


  • A range of APIs exposed as Connectors reduce the integration challenges
  • Connect and Integrate data from the cloud to on-premises
  • B2B and enterprise messaging in the cloud

About Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service which helps integrate different services by providing ready-to-use connectors, ranging from SQL Server or SAP to Azure Cognitive Services. While the underlying platform handles scale, availability, and performance, Logic Apps is especially useful for use cases and scenarios where coordinated action is needed across multiple systems and services.

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