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Why Your Business Needs Custom Mobile App Development

In 2021, the mobile app industry is expected to exceed $135 billion. That’s a lot of growth in just 5 years! In that same time period, there will be 3 billion people using smartphones and tablets.

Mobile apps are becoming more important for huge or small businesses as they look for new ways to reach targeted and potential customers and improve their services. This blog post highlights 10 reasons why your business or company needs custom mobile app development!


Top mobile app design and development consultants suggest that every business or company will need mobile apps to engage with customers. Mobile devices are not only used by end-users but also employees of a company or a business.

With the number of people using smartphones and tablets expected to increase in 2021, it’s important for businesses to build an app so they can keep up with the demand and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Why Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

Mobile app development is not just a trend, but rather is necessary for business success in the present. The number of companies that have created their own custom-built app has risen by over 2 million and shows no signs of slowing down. Mobile apps are opening up new revenue streams and opportunities to grow your company’s customer base rapidly.

If you are looking forward to building a custom mobile app for your business, ensure that you research well and avoid selecting any unknown mobile app developer. Here are the top 10 reasons why your business/company needs a custom mobile app development;

Boost Sales

It’s no secret that mobile apps are changing the way people shop. According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2021, mobile devices generated 54.8% of the total website traffic globally – this statistic excludes tablets. This means your customers are using their phones and tablets while they’re shopping for products or looking for services!           

The average order value on a smartphone is $84.69 compared with $87.18 on a tablet, which means that your company can make more money by optimizing your mobile app for sales.

App users have become accustomed to using apps on their smartphones and tablets when they’re searching for information or looking to buy something online. In fact, 86% of smartphone users use an app every day! A recent study by Shopify found that mobile apps generate 12 times more revenue than mobile websites.

Facilitates Market Research

The mobile app offers plenty of benefits even if you don’t have an e-commerce site. A custom mobile app can be used to gather market research, inform your customer service strategy, and monitor the competition among other things.

Mobile devices are now essential tools for any modern direct marketing campaign or growth initiative which is why companies need a custom mobile app development company in Boston in order to take advantage of their full potential.

Your mobile app can be used to collect valuable market research data that you would never have access to otherwise. For example, through an app, your company could easily conduct a survey or poll in real-time by sending push notifications asking users for feedback on specific topics.

Facilitates Client Feedback

Having a mobile app can be a crucial component to your company if you provide any type of professional services such as accounting, legal advice, or medical treatment.

Today’s customers expect businesses that offer these types of services to have their own custom-built apps. If they don’t, then it will hurt your business and could affect future growth opportunities.

Your mobile app can be used to quickly and easily provide clients with feedback about products, services, or their overall experience. This level of two-way communication is not only beneficial for many business owners. Customers always appreciate knowing that they’re being heard.

Provide More Value To Your Customers

Mobile app development is a great way to continue providing value to your customers, even after they’ve made their purchases.

Your business should have interactive mobile applications that will provide users with additional information about the products or services they just bought, as well as exclusive access to other special offers and discounts before anyone else knows about them!

In 2021, mobile apps will become even more ingrained into our everyday lives. According to a report by eMarketer, almost 50% of all U.S adults who own a smartphone already use their phone as their primary source for accessing the internet or looking up information about local events and deals. This also increases customer loyalty at the same time.

Gets You Connected With New Audience

Today’s mobile apps are much more than just an extension of your website. They’re a direct line to potential customers who use their phones as the primary tool for searching online and shopping in real-time. The mobile phone with social media integration plays a vital role in connecting with the new audience.

Custom mobile app development is important because it can turn you into a household name overnight if done right. There were over 108.5 billion downloads on Google Play and the App Store in 2020 alone!

Improve Service & Sales With AR & VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two of the most exciting technological advancements to come out in recent years. With AR or VR mobile applications, your company can take things a step further by providing users with interactive visuals that add even more value than just text alone! 

For example, mobile apps with AR capabilities could allow users to see exactly how your products or services work before they even make a purchase. You can also provide customers with 360-degree videos of certain events and locations that will help put them at the center of all interactions within their own community!

Keeps You In The Competition

In 2021, there won’t be a single company that doesn’t have its own app due to the sheer number of benefits it can provide to the company owners and potential customers.

For business owners and managers, this means making sure your company stays relevant in today’s ever-changing marketplace by investing resources into custom mobile apps development.

For example, you can directly target the specific demographics who use their mobile devices to look for products and services such as yours – thereby increasing your exposure across relevant platforms such as Facebook or Google AdWords!

Your own mobile app gives you an opportunity to stand out from the competition by offering users something that they can’t get anywhere else or other mobile platforms!

On The Go Marketing With Mobile Devices

Today’s customers are always “on the go” and checking their mobile devices for updates, coupons, deals, or any other relevant information that can help them save time or money.

Custom mobile apps development provides you with the opportunity to be there for them in real-time! Your business should have an interactive mobile application so you can stay connected with your customers at all times!

For example, it can help your company deliver promotional
offers at just the right time when users are shopping around and trying to make a decision. You can also send out push notifications that will put relevant deals, coupons, or special announcements directly into your customers’ hands!

Customers Prefer Custom Mobile Apps

According to a recent survey conducted by Nielsen, nearly 86% of respondents stated that they prefer mobile apps over websites when it comes to browsing for products or services. However, it is one of the best ways for an attractive user interface.

This means if your business doesn’t have an interactive mobile application yet, you’re losing out on potential revenue! By 2021, there is no reason why every company shouldn’t have a custom mobile app because potential customers prefer a mobile device and you should consider it for a good customer experience.

High accessibility with and without internet

Custom mobile apps can be created and edited at any time. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the cost of hosting and updating your custom mobile app because it’s completely independent of a website!

This means that with just one line of code for push notification via SMS or email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, there won’t be any need for a website in the future since your mobile application can grow and develop with your business.

The next time you’re thinking about investing in custom mobile app development, stop performing random Google searches and make sure to contact the team of professionals to get the job done. Experts can guide you through this process from start to finish and ensure that it fits your business goals and desired results!


The mobile app market is growing rapidly and your company needs to be on top of it. If you are not currently developing an app, now might be the time to think seriously about investing in a custom software solution that meets all of your business goals for this year and beyond. As technology changes so do digital marketing, which means there’s never been a better time than now to invest in a comprehensive development plan from start to finish with our team at MpireSolutions. Our expert team has extensive experience providing full-service including iOS/Android apps, web apps, web development, and CMS (Content Management System).

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