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12 Tips To Help Your Marketing Emails Produce the Desired Result

For years various so-called marketing experts have been claiming that email marketing is dead. If you drill down into why people make that claim, you’ll probably find that they’re promoting some new best marketing tool. But, according to a survey commissioned by Marketing Sherpa, 72 percent of U.S. adults prefer that communications with companies occur […]

8 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Master in 2017

Just like auto mechanics need one of those big roll around tool chests full of all kinds of tools in order to tackle any problem that may need fixing on a car or truck, digital marketers need a well-stocked toolbox to be effective at what they do. Here are 8 digital marketing tools that every […]

6 Marketing Trends To Watch For, and Act On, in 2017

Ever since 2006, when HubSpot began providing some focus on the concept of inbound marketing, businesses have been on a seemingly endless quest for the next big thing in content creation and distribution. The smart ones look for upcoming trends. The successful ones look for ways to capitalize on those trends. Here are 6 marketing trends […]