Customized Extension Development For Chrome And Safari

Customized Extension Development For Chrome And Safari


OneProximity – Safe & Secure Password Manager


Information Technology (IT Security)


Customized Extension for Chrome and Safari


Coordinator & JavaScript


OneProximity is a well-known platform to generate and secure login information (ID & Password) for its registered customers. Previously, they only had a mobile app through which customers could manage & secure their login credentials for various platforms regardless of any nature.

The key reason why OneProximity reached out to us was to enhance the functionalities of this app by making it available to the customers via desktops, laptops and personal computers using customized extensions for Chrome and Safari.


Before approaching Mpire Solutions, they only had a mob app as a password manager and were facing challenges in updating the registered credentials manually. The main challenge was to develop extensions for two platforms (Chrome and Safari) from scratch and with the same functionalities so that customers can also use the proximity app on their desktops and personal computers as well.

The primary challenge was not just to develop the extensions, but to ensure that the customization integrates with an existing app smoothly. Our team of developers conducted an extensive audit of the application before suggesting a way forward. A technical and security challenge was about encrypting the passwords within the existing app. The deep understanding of OneProximity application enabled us to move towards the solution while keeping all other important factors under consideration.


  • Customized Extension Development for Chrome – To make the app solutions available to customers using Google Chrome.
  • Customized Extension Development for Safari – To make the app solutions available to the customers using Safari.
  • Implementation, Support, & Monitoring – To implement and monitor the overall performance of the extension.


After an extensive audit of the existing application, our team of expert developers developed customized extensions for Chrome and Safari by following the best practices of Coordinator & JavaScript throughout the process.

The core function of the extension was not to save the login information on Chrome and Safari but to retrieve the stored credentials from the existed app for registered users.

The existing application was based on Lambda functions which were not proving effective in getting the desired results. To come up with a significant solution, we developed a middleware to perform the task which helped us in developing reliable extensions for Chrome and Safari.


  • The custom Chrome and Safari extensions were successfully developed and implemented.
  • Customers can now experience the features of the app across all devices.
  • The custom developed extensions were now able to retrieve login IDs and password details from the app.
  • To excess the extensions the registered users have to provide some basic information based on mobile numbers and ID numbers as allocated by the app.
  • The extensions can retrieve the credentials for all platforms regardless of their nature.
  • The extensions would only work along with the app. Customers have to register on the app to use the extensions.
  • The team of OneProximity was fully satisfied with the results along with our efficient and timely services as we managed to complete the project within the provided timeframe.


  • The extensions created for Chrome and Safari allow customers to use the OneProximity platform on all mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and personal computers.
  • The main benefit of the extensions was that customers can now easily retrieve the pre-stored credentials regardless of any location or platform, no matter what device they are using.
  • The custom development of the extensions for Chrome and Safari helped OneProximity reach out to the maximum target audience.

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