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The 10 Best Programming Languages For Web Development In 2022

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, programming languages are constantly changing. With new best programming languages being developed on a daily basis by some of the most talented programmers in the world, it is difficult to predict which object-oriented programming language will be best suited for backend web development in 2022.

However, this blog post will talk about the 10 best programming languages that are more than likely going to dominate web development not only for the year 2022 but over the next 10 years.

This Blogpost will cover the following information:

  • What is a programming language?
  • Most popular programming languages for the year 2022.
  • The best programming languages to learn first.

What Is A Programming Language?

It is a notation for writing programs, which are instructions that can be passed to a computer. Programming languages allow programmers to create executable files from source code and provide solutions to various computing problems.

Currently, there are hundreds of best programming languages in use today with new ones being developed every day due to the demand for modern and customized technology applications.

Most Popular Programming Languages For The Year 2022

As programming languages continue to evolve, we can determine that some of them will be more suited for web development than others throughout the year.


JavaScript is a programming language that was developed by Netscape and has since become the most widely used for web development. JavaScript can be found in all major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer making it easy to get started with programming.

Although there are many aspects of this programming language that make it great for beginners, JavaScript is still lacking in terms of programming capabilities. JavaScript is the most misunderstood language with many web developers believing that it has to be compiled before being executed on a web browser which isn’t entirely true.

In order to make JavaScript more appealing and easier for users to understand, Microsoft created TypeScript which compiles JavaScript. Typescript has many programming capabilities such as classes, interfaces, and inheritance making it more appropriate for professional web development applications than its predecessor. The above-mentioned graph shows the usage of TypseScript and JavaScript.


Go is a programming language developed by Google and was designed to be an easy language for developers to pick up. Go has many great features such as garbage collection, type safety, goroutines, channels, etc.

These statistics show that there are 1.1M GO developers all around the globe.

Although this isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly out there, it still deserves its place among other languages that dominate web development in 2022.


PHP was originally developed for managing content on the web. PHP has many features such as variables, conditions, loops, etc., and can be used with HTML to create dynamic websites. This graph shows the statistics of PHP usage 2011-2021.


Image Source

Although there are some major security issues with this programming language which allows hackers to execute malicious code through PHP scripts, it still stands as one of the most useful for web development in 2022.


HTML and CSS languages form the building blocks of a website. Although HTML is used to define how content will be displayed on a webpage, it can also be created from JavaScript which provides web developers with more flexibility in programming applications for their websites.

CSS allows designers to style elements such as text, backgrounds, positioning, etc., making HTML and CSS very critical to learn for web development.


Python was created to be simple yet still have many features a typical programming language contains. Python has the ability to work with web development, data analysis, etc. There is a lot of demand in the market for Python developers. The below-mentioned graph shows the detailed portrait of Python developers.

Although this isn’t necessarily considered difficult to learn if you are familiar with popular web development languages, it is considered to be advanced since there are many features that can confuse new web developers.


C/C++ programming languages are advanced and work with web development. C is a programming language that can be used to create low-level software while C++ allows developers the capability of building more complex programs. Although these aren’t considered beginner-friendly.

C++ has a feature called portability that allows writing code without worrying more about hardware. This allows migrating a program’s development among the platforms. This image shows the results of the research

You do not need to install anything specifically to run the application because C++ is a compiler-based type of programming language. As a result, they are pre-interpreted, making the code more efficient and robust.


Rust programming language is relatively new that was developed by Mozilla. The main purpose of creating the Rust to be used in web development applications is because it has many features such as safety, speed, and concurrency which makes this the top for web development.

Although this isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly programming language out there. Still, it has its place in the top programming languages.


Scala programming language is object-oriented programming and functional programming that can be used to create web applications. Scala allows developers the ability to write concise code which results in faster development times than other web development languages such as Java, another programming language created by James Gosling.

Although this programming language isn’t necessarily considered beginner-friendly since it combines object-oriented programming and functional programming, it still stands as one of the best among others.


C programming language is object-oriented programming and C++ that are used to create web applications. The main difference between these two is that while C has some low-level capabilities, development using the .NET framework can be done at a higher level than other languages such as Java or Python.


Swift programming language was created by Apple and is object-oriented. This can be used to create web applications that contain iOS which means it can also perform well in terms of performance among others such as Python or Java.

Although this may not necessarily be beginner-friendly, learning how to use Swift for web development programming is beneficial since it can be used to create iOS applications.

Best Programming Languages To Learn First: C/C++, Python, Or HTML/CSS?

  1. The programming language that web developers should focus on learning first would be C/C++. This is considered advanced but it can help you build complex programs which could work with any type of website development application you are working on at the time.
  1. HTML and CSS are also important to learn for web development because they can be used to create dynamic websites.
  1. The programming language you should focus on learning first depends on the type of website development application that needs to be created. The functional programming language could vary from web applications, data analysis, data science, etc., making it necessary for any developer or entrepreneur who wants to excel in creating their own unique other programming languages for web development applications.


Web development languages continue to evolve with each year that goes by. In 2022, it is predicted the above-mentioned and discussed programming languages will be the most useful among others for web development due to their diverse features such as safety and speed which make this stand out from others.

Key Takeaways

  • The HTML and CSS will continue to be in demand programming languages for web development as long as they have features that allow developers flexibility in creating dynamic websites.
  • Although there are some security issues with PHP, it is still considered a top because of its many uses such as working with databases.
  • Others, such as Python and C/C++ will also be useful programming languages to work with web development applications because of their flexibility, features, etc., making these web programming languages throughout the list of top 10 programming languages.
  • Web developers need to continue updating themselves on popular programming languages that are created in order to stay up-to-date with the new programming languages that are useful for web development in the year 2022.

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