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When it comes to choosing the best content management system (CMS), many blog posts out in cyberspace will tell you what your options are. Of all those, you might have come across endless discussions on Drupal and WordPress. Well, it’s really no surprise since they’re two of the most popular CMSs around. However, if we were to compare them all up against each other and form an unbiased view, then probably after analyzing every last detail about how each software functions – not just its benefits but also drawbacks and potential problems- it becomes pretty clear that it is probably possible Drupal emerges as our winner. The following blog will be nothing but an explanation behind this claim.

Simply put, Drupal is a tremendously flexible Content Management System that can be used to build anything from an e-commerce company site to or social community. It features over 11,000 modules to allow developers to create virtually any type of website–and this list just gets bigger as more are created. The most impressive feature about Drupal isn’t just its variety but rather how well it scales, depending on your needs. Whether you want something simple like creating blog posts for personal use (with ease), need full-blown functionality including database integration, so users don’t enter their information incorrectly into forms by accident; it’s just that there’s no limit on what type of websites could exist using Drupal. Without any further ado, let’s dig into some technical stuff as to why Drupal is the CMS pick for you.

  1. What’s an Open Source CMS?
  2. Benefits of Drupal:
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Real-time Website Demonstration

3. Why Drupal takes the lead over other Open Source CMSs?

  • Reliability and Extensibility
  • Security
  • Eases Website Complexity
  • Multilingual
  • Flexibility
  • SEO made Easy

4. Conclusion

What’s an Open Source CMS?

Let’s agree that Wikipedia is a great way to get information about anything and everything. But how do you know if the person writing your article knows what they’re talking about? And considering Wikipedia’s multilingual page coverage, how does one get expert people knowing different languages in one place? With this in mind, it might seem like Wikipedia would never work. Too many articles need topic-specific research; there might not be enough people proficient in writing on unusual topics. However, Wikipedia allows every other person to have edit access to every article. The same is the case with Open Source systems, capable of making things more manageable than before. What this means is, an open-source system in place comes with being able to contribute to content without any payment required – you can edit, access, and take the opinion of experts within the community.

Benefits Of Drupal CMS

Below, we have jargoned some of the most vital benefits of having Drupal as your Open Source CMS.


Drupal can be used as a versatile, rapid, and agile web development tool. It houses thousands of modules (more than 13000 combined). Developers can quickly add specific features without any hassle or delay. Because of Drupal’s open-source nature, developers from all around the world with an internet connection can contribute towards its improvement in any way possible.

With Drupal, you can easily think of CRM and security as well. You could also use it for polls or login modules to make your site more secure. And don’t forget: there are constant updates from a massive active community working on making sure everything stays current no matter what happens in this ever-changing world around us. Therefore, it’s easier than ever before to leverage Drupal’s benefits without worrying about development time getting stuck somewhere between months or years. 


The best CMS should be 100% free and isn’t as difficult to install. Drupal comes with a variety of modules, third-party integrations for developers who want more options in their website’s designs. The platform adheres strictly towards what you prefer, providing clean, easy to manage code out of the box- all without cost.

Drupal is an open-source website development framework that supports customization. The versatility of Drupal lies in its ability to be used by any web developer, which gives you more control over your project than if it were only designed for one particular type or style of site-building approach – not only does this make it easier for newbies to get started with designing a nice looking page but also allows skilled professionals who have been using other CMSs (such as WordPress) switch back again without difficulty should they choose too.

Building a site with Drupal is more cost-effective than using other popular content management systems. You may spend less in the beginning, but you’ll save money down the line when adding components or making changes to how your website looks and functions for visitors on it – all while not having to hire another developer.

Real-time Website Demonstration

Drupal is like a blank canvas for anyone to create their desired website. With its support from an active community, it can be used anywhere to create websites of any preference or format – even if you have never created one before. At the moment, it fuels over 1 million sites worldwide, proving how versatile this content management system really is.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily find Drupal websites that will save your project and inspire what features are available on other sites. You’ll be able to visualize these elements into reality instead of waiting around while ideas pile up in piles upon each other.

In this next part of the blog post, we will be looking at why Drupal is better than its competitors: WordPress and Joomla. There are many aspects to it, but one big reason for choosing a specific CMS enterprise system development platform over another may have something to do with whether or not you want an extension for your site – which can really expand its functionality and give life-changing benefits when implemented correctly.

Why Drupal Takes The Lead Over Other Open Source CMSs?

Reliability and Scalability

Drupal is the best way to make your website fast and reliable. Drupal 8 has been adopted by more than 100,000 websites in just six months compared to one year for Drupal 7. With this framework, you can easily handle high traffic–even on a busy web platform like Facebook or Google+. Drupal 8 offers even greater power when combined with modern technologies such as HTML5 video streaming services from YouTube, Instagram. This version has made it even faster for enterprises that need to reach their customers quickly in this constantly changing world of technology where things change every day.


Drupal is great because it’s got rock-solid security measures complemented by constant updates from the community, led by its Security Advisory Team. It safeguards you against online hacking attempts; moreover, performance and security parameters can be managed effort
lessly through an easy-to-use admin panel in seconds. Let’s try to install new patches while also adding essential modules like Firewall Rules or Anti-Ransomware Detection Tool (aka DrupalScan). There’ll be absolutely no way your website will get hacked. The Whitehouse has even gone so far as to use Drupal for its official site – which is just one more piece of evidence that it’s the answer. Moreover, NASA, CERN, and London’s government all rely on this technology too. 

Eases Website Complexity

Drupal’s framework is a perfect fit for site builders looking to deploy large websites with complex needs. The flexible platform offers developers plenty of customization options and features that will meet your every need, from adding taxonomy terms on the fly to customizing content types – all without ever being designed in-house. In addition, it has easy installation procedures, so you can have your site up before even digging into coding too much.


The 90 different languages that Drupal can be used to publish content in are huge assets for those who want their site accessible around the world. Some of these languages include Arabic, Chinese, and so-called internet-based Lolspeak – but there’s no limit on what you could write.


You know you can make your site look like anything with the customization options. No need to worry about custom code. With just a few clicks, this CMS will have everything customized for what suits best in each situation – from fonts and colors right down through layouts and design aesthetics.

SEO made Easy

A well-crafted website is more than just an attractive layout. It needs to generate traffic and convert visitors into customers through the effective use of SEO, social media networks like Facebook & Twitter, or even user engagement on your site’s forums. That’s where Drupal comes in handy because it offers everything you need for building successful online businesses, including features such as drag n drop page builder toolkits which make designing websites easier than ever before.

The rich ecosystem of Drupal ensures you have access to powerful SEO modules, modern web publishing tools, and clean code for developers. This offers extensive range 3rd party add-ons that can take your search engine optimization initiatives from A-Z. With content being at its core – it works flawlessly in driving more traffic on page one with ease thanks to these amazing features built right within them out of the box.


Drupal is a one-shade canvas that can carry the entire event. It’s possible to find tons of reasons why people think Drupal is the best CMS ever made. While there are many great examples online for how websites have been configured using Drupal software, it also has unique features that make each aspect different from other sites somehow. This will not only make you thrive as a business owner but enable success to outshine all others – making you stand apart from the competition.

Mpire Solutions is committed to helping businesses create dynamic, innovative websites that help enhance their brand image. We specialize in designing and developing Drupal sites which are secure as well as engaging for your customers. No matter what type of business you have – from restaurants or law firms; we can provide an excellent product tailored by expert ACQUIA certified developers.

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