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Things To Consider When Starting a Drupal Project

With so much competition, it is easy to get lost in finding a solid baseline for your drupal project. However, companies wanting stability and growth always look for effective management systems that can bring results. Therefore, when the website you need to create is complex, your system should be easy and simple most of the time. 

Due to this, many companies are choosing Drupal as the main technology for their businesses. Because of its free and open-source system, this platform is the easiest to manage. This is also why many existing companies are switching to Drupal-backed systems. Many even go on to create a full-on Drupal web development firm.

Complexities When starting a Drupal Project

Drupal will sound new to you if you’re like most businesses out there. Most of the PHP developers that companies hire haven’t done anything on this platform. Even if they have, it counts as little to no experience for them at all. There’s a high chance that your case might also be the same. If it is, you should consider it before switching to Drupal-based projects. You might also consider a Drupal development consulting company for your business, which is good.

But even so, it is very important to know some points to keep everything under control. Keep on reading to know what to consider before starting a Drupal project. Just make sure to store this in your mind, and your project will implement it perfectly.

What to Consider When Starting a Drupal Project

From your workflow to your whole system, everything matters in Drupal. Below are mentioned nine considerations to take before you start with Drupal development.

Administer a Proper Team Workflow

Developing Drupal-based projects by one person is an entirely different picture compared to working within a team. When building a team of freelancers with experience with Drupal, you will have problems. You cannot avoid it, and the sooner you accept, the better. Moreover, if your team knows PHP but lacks experience in Drupal development, your problems will be even higher.

Thus, to avoid problems, you can talk with a known Drupal development company. But you can also set some common principles for working with your team. Here are some of the points you should include:

  • Code repository rules and regulations (Git, Stack, etc.)
  • Standards for Coding
  • Flow of Code
  • The flow of Files and Databases
  • Task distribution in a stable and non-interfering way. You should distribute it without interfering with any other and without any work affecting the same code together. If not possible, communicate with the team to avoid duplicate work.

Having these establishments will help your team work with a proper flow. It will keep things clear and improve the implementation of these coding tasks.

Same Standards for Tasks Implementation

With Drupal, you have a lot of ways in which you can carry out your programming tasks. That is why it is important to establish rules to avoid complications. 

One way you can do this is by creating content for your tasks. Remember that the content will be developed using paragraphs, layout builders, or other relevant solutions. The use of various modules together will result in a lot of problems.

There are a lot of similar decisions you have to make when using Drupal. Thus, it is important to establish some standards when implementing tasks. Creating a system to monitor the application of these rules is also important. It can help reduce the complications massively near deadlines and urgent times. Avoiding complications is as easy as sticking to basic standards.

Understand Drupal’s Configuration Options

The most common problem when you hire PHP developers for Drupal projects is the need for more transparency. They focus on solving tasks using code instead of Drupal’s configuration. Any company insists on this a lot because developers spend many hours creating a system of functions already provided by Drupal.

In many cases, all you need to do is find its way to the admin panel and click. When running a project, time matters a lot. Therefore, Drupal’s configuration options and modules improve every project. This is also a major reason why companies prefer Drupal for complicated tasks. It allows you with a system to avoid wasting time and extra costs on programming. Just understand pre-made Drupal options with your project and benefit from all sides.

Learn the Drupal API Properly

Understanding the API of Drupal will help you solve many tasks with more accuracy and speed only with PHP. If someone isn’t used to the API of Drupal, they often create complexities. Often, they create functions or objects already present in the core. This can not only cost time but lead to complexities as well.

The lack of understanding of the API often causes errors that are hard to locate. Whether it is with system hooks or classes, you can find a lot of examples related to this. At a minimum, you can understand Drupal by talking with a Drupal web design firm. Everything from Drupal’s API is worth understanding, from basic modules to large structures. It alone can save you a lot of precious time from your business. Remember, the main aim of using Drupal in your business is to save time above everything else.

Utilizing the View Mode

The system’s entity view modes are a really helpful feature. Depending on where you want to display the content, they let you customize how it views. Any mode can be defined and used in cycles.

Instead of going with various alternative modes and setting them, new developers usually write code for each view mode. It takes a lot of time and is not worth the effort. Using a pre-built Drupal system can help you finish the tasks with speed.

Develop Entities to Create Tables in the Database

Your business might need to add your database tables. It is a good idea to develop entities and add relevant tables to the database when working with Drupal.

You end up with a table that is operated by entity classes. This allows you to easily combine the data from the table with the complete Drupal system. This table can also include the views module. If you don’t use entities, you’ll have to program the forms and pages that show the data for this table, among other data.

Deploy Automated Testing

Typically, small and big websites that take a long time to design are built using Drupal. Just by adding functionality, you can break a properly functioning code.

You should write automatic tests to avoid undertaking routine manual checks to ensure everything is working and stable. PHPUnit is a framework used by Drupal for automated testing. If you want, you can also use other frameworks, such as the Visualception extension and Codeception.

Automate App Development and Deployment in the Production Server

Updating changes to production servers and creating a website can be automated, especially if the website is being developed within the local developer method. Everyone on your team should utilize similar scripts to develop the application.

Following that, you can get rid of the problems of difference that exist between spaces. This automation can be very helpful when many people make changes within a version of any configuration. Aside from eliminating complexities, it will also help you save more time. Every single change in the project should be implemented by code.

The team must work on a code repository such as Git. This way, you can rest assured of having the same configuration on every part of the project. This system will help you better manage your programs without any time concerns.

Consult Clients on Doing Something New but Faster

Drupal allows a large number of modules as well as extra functionalities. Using them, you can develop big and functioning websites with ease. However, a completed module often fails to fulfill a client’s needs. But you can always consult the client to consider it timely. The client often will be fine with agreeing to such a change. Talking out as a company is very effective for clients. You’re good to go as long as the results are good and it saves time.


Everything included above will help you work with Drupal well. These points are very important, and you should consider them when starting any Drupal project. If you plan to work with Drupal systems and projects, keep everything listed above in mind. 

But you might need more time and still want solutions. For this, a Drupal agency in Boston can help you well. For a start, the Drupal development services of a known agency will understand these issues. As it can focus on eliminating concerns, you can work on providing value to your business.


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