QuickBooks Integration with Drupal and Workflow Automation



The management of the IYNAUS wanted to update their official website as per current community standards. They had two operational portals – a management portal, and an assessment portal.

They were using the Management portal to accomplish all internal functions and to store critical data. On the other hand, all assessment activities for students and teachers were being handled using the Assessment portal. The management sought to upgrade the portals and website by adding new features and addressing additional issues.

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The client required feature enhancements, bug fixing, and updating the website according to the community standards. However, there were also a couple of external portals connected with the website and it was quite a challenge to keep things unchanged among the workflow of both external portals while making changes to the website.

Another challenge was to convert their manual functions into automated mechanisms. We consistently made an effort of understanding their workflows to suggest the most apt solution.


  • Security Update – To implement multiple security update patches.
  • Website Upgrade – To make the website up-to-date as per the community standards.
  • Workflow Automation– To automate the entire manual order workflow.
  • QuickBooks Integration – To integrate accounts-related data and send it to QuickBooks from Drupal.
  • Website Redesign – To add latest features throughout the website for better customer experience.


Since there were two external portals connected with the website, we had to be extremely vigilant while working on the procedures. A team of ACQUIA certified Drupal developers at Mpire Solutions conducted an in-depth audit to come up with the most suitable solution.

Before beginning with the actual task, we made sure to accurately understand the workflows of the application and consciously decided to first upgrade the Drupal Core without confusing the functionality of the website.

Furthermore, we managed to convert their manual functions into completely automated mechanisms. Previously, they used to manually enter the details of orders in QuickBooks (leading accounting software). However, with the implementation and extension of contributed and API modules, we managed to integrate QuickBooks with Drupal.


  • The Drupal Core was upgraded successfully as per the requirements of the client.
  • The official website of the client was upgraded while exceeding the required standards with advance modification of functions.
  • QuickBooks was integrated with Drupal Core. Drupal now automatically sends order related information to QuickBooks thus eliminating the manual process.
  • All the bugs were fixed and website features were updated and enhanced.
  • The client was fully satisfied with the project delivery as we successfully managed to meet the targets within the given timeframe.


  • The automation and integration of the workflow greatly helped save effort and time.
  • The additional and new features of the website majorly contributed towards attracting new customers.
  • Improved CMS of the website.
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Software And Drupal Integration For Automated Workflow


SCALA is a multinational organization providing secure network deployment. It offers wide ranging software, hardware, services and support for companies that are looking to transform their physical space – retail stores, financial institutions, restaurants, and transportation hubs with a wide array of technology including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital signs, mobile sensors and computer vision technology.

Before reaching out to Mpire Solutions, the team at SCALA used to manually add new content to their website. They were looking for an automated process through which they can add content to their website without any manual effort. After a complete analysis of their requirements, our team of developers decided to address them through a customized solution.


The biggest challenge we faced during development of the customized solution was the directory structure of the zip file generated by the software. The directory structure had the .htm file in a specific folder and these files contained the HTML of the content. Also, some folders contained CSS, JS files, and images. The folder locations of CSS, JS, and images changed each time the client exported the content from software. This process caused to show the broken display of the webpage to the visitors.

Our development team suggested a custom module and a programmatically created page on which only the administrator can import the zip file exported from the software that client used for documentation purposes.


  • Features Enhancement – To significantly create, add, implement, and integrate new features to the client’s website.
  • Automated Workflow – To reduce the client’s manual efforts in day to day operations.
  • Software Data Integration – To effectively integrate the software exported data with Drupal CMS.


Once our certified Drupal team analyzed the client’s requirements, they started working on making the custom module on the local setup. In that specific custom module, we created a programmatic page that contained the file upload functionality to ease the entire process of uploading. The website administrator can now upload the zip file and then the back-end code can automatically find all the .htm, .CSS, .JS, and image files to store all these assets in the respective Drupal storage.

The HTML content from the .htm file was included in the content section for a specific content type and then adjusted for all images paths as per Drupal’s standards. After importing all the content to Drupal, the code removes the zip file from the Drupal storage folder so that the System storage can have free space available all the time.

In the complete workflow, the website’s load optimization was yet another main target. Our team of Drupal developers noticed each and every detail of the website so that the custom module’s functionality cannot affect the website’s performance.


  • The manual effort made by the client on a daily basis was diminished with the development of a custom Drupal module.
  • New features were added throughout the website to ease the client’s day-to-day operations.
  • Proper software data with Drupal integration not only saves time but also provides the right and desired results.
  • Enhanced and customized Drupal standards.


  • The configuration of the custom module proved to be flexible and functional for the SCALA team.
  • A thorough software integration now allows the software to automatically export data in Drupal.
  • The client now enjoys the automated workflow without making any manual efforts.
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Bibliography Function Integration into Drupal 8


Our client’s main focus is improving the safety and quality standards of America’s healthcare system by investing in research and collecting useful knowledge, data, and tools for healthcare professionals and policymakers. They made the decision to upgrade their Content Management System (CMS) from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 to capitalize on the superior capabilities and features of the latter.

They hired our services to develop the Bibliography functionality for the ‘Literature Collection’ section – the most essential component of their website. Unlike Drupal 7, the Bibliography contributed module for Drupal 8 is not yet available. Therefore, we chose to use the Bibcite module to develop the Bibliography function.


Our task was to develop the ‘Literature Collection’ page on their website while we had access to their latest design along with 5300 references in the RIS format.

However, we found several bugs in the Bibcite module for Drupal 8 which we needed to fix by creating a patch as per the requirements of the client. The main challenge was that the Bibcite module neither supported the mapping of the custom fields nor the term reference fields via RIS import.

Another challenge was implementing their custom design which required two different layouts for the main search page and the search results page, using the same Drupal Views core module.


First, we launched a patch for the Bibcite module to support custom fields mapping. In this patch, we modified the ‘modules/bibcite_entity/src/Form/MappingForm.php file to get all the fields using the ‘getReferenceFieldOptions()’ function and then, configured the filter to return only the custom or desired fields.

Next, we tackled the problem of term reference field mapping. Our solution was simple: We would get the value of the specific tag from the RIS import file and match those values with the specific vocabulary available to determine if the term exists in the system or not. If it exists, then the system will return the term IDs and those term IDs will be placed as a value of term reference field.

Finally, we developed a full width design for the main search page, while the search results page was divided into 2 columns. We did this by using two different conditions in the template, based on the query string in the URL of the search results page.


Our solution has resulted in three main benefits for the client:

  • We were able to successfully develop, modify and integrate the Bibliography function or, more specifically, the ‘Literature Collection’ page into the client’s Drupal 8 website.
  • We were also able to ‘smooth out’ background processes to optimize the loading speed of the ‘Literature Collection’ page.
  • We were able to complete the project within the designated time-frame and ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • The development of the ‘Literature Collection’ page ensures that the visitors have full and easy access to useful and relevant information.
  • The new design of the search results page ensures that visitors can view results in a more readable manner and access relevant links.
  • The loading speed optimization of the Bibliography page ensures a seamless user experience for people who visit the website.
  • Our client was able to save their precious time and resources by outsourcing the task to our experienced developers. 
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Performance Optimization and Functionality Enhancements With Drupal 7



The client was a professional Sales enablement and Sales readiness provider that helped businesses and organizations with numerous expert sales enablement programs. The main issue was that while the client already had a Drupal-based official website, they heavily relied on third party agencies to run multiple projects.

The client decided to consolidate all their operations under an in-house team to make the maximum use of their skills and experience and to expand their service portfolio. In order to do so, they had to convey this information to the target audience and existing clients.

Their official website was the most effective platform and source of information to share this update about the expanded service offering. They approached Mpire Solutions to upgrade and modify their website to make it more user-friendly and dynamic using the most reliable technologies while also training their in-house team at the same time.

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A group of people collaborating while seated at the desk
Laptop showing customer service, retention, and profitability locations on a world map


Since the client was looking to update their website in terms of enhanced functionality perspective, our team had to conduct a comprehensive audit of their existing website to dig out flaws and gaps before suggesting a solution. The main challenge was to deliver the desired solution within the limited timeline provided by the client.

We had to face certain limitations throughout the process of web design, as we were asked to keep some elements of the design unchanged. Furthermore, there was no previous history or information available about the website to help us understand existing issues. Therefore, we designated a professional team of certified developers to look into the details of the client’s website in order to understand and find its flaws.


  • Website Updates – Update the website in order to make it more user-centric for critical digital marketing objectives.
  • Website Enhancement – Enhance overall features of the website to let the targeted audience know about updates in service portfolio.
  • Website Redesign – To redesign specific pages of the website for a better user interface.
  • Website Coding Modifications – To fix bugs and other issues on resource center pages.
  • Website Security – To secure clients’ information and other critical data of the website and implement Drupal security patches.
  • A/B Testing – To analyze random behavior of the visitors / users.


Once our expert Drupal team found the inefficiencies within the website and understood the requirements of the client, we made significant changes in the design and functions of the same.

There were two main changes required – one was redesigning the blog page and the other was homepage revamp. These were quite challenging while keeping all other factors in consideration. The homepage revamp required complete redesign and functionality changes to improve the overall user experience.

The website’s load time optimization was yet another flaw. We decided to start updating the website with the best practices of minified CSS, JS, advanced aggregation, and image optimization to decrease the loading time of the website. It all worked as per strategy as the loading time of the website improved significantly.


  • The entire website was updated and modified with the help of Drupal 7 technology.
  • The website’s loading time was enhanced.
  • The website’s functions were modified as per the requirements of the client.
  • The necessary web pages were redesigned to optimize the landing pages
  • The website’s security was strengthened with the help of authentic tools.
  • The client was 100% satisfied as we managed to update, modify, and optimize the website within a narrow timeline.


  • The website’s load time has improved to Grade ‘A’ from Grade ‘B’.
  • The website’s user experience has been improvised to a huge extent.
  • The newly optimized website has helped attract maximum organic traffic to the website.
  • The website has become much more flexible and functional at the backend for content editors.
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Custom WordPress Plugin Development and Implementation



SirsiDynix is a well-known flexible co-workspace provider for start-ups, businesses, and organizations. They were facing issues over the reservation process of their workspaces i.e.,  conference rooms, coworking spaces, event spaces, desk spaces, shared offices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, and etc.

The dimension of their service was massive as they were operating in a number of countries offering customized workspace solutions across various cities. They approached us to develop, implement, and manage a solution to tackle the challenges effectively.

mpire solutions
A group of people collaborating while seated at the desk
Laptop showing customer service, retention, and profitability locations on a world map


Before reaching out to us, they had no digital solution or tool (except for a WordPress website) to tackle the ever-growing high-tech issues. However, with a continuous business expansion over the years, they had to deal with a lot of complexities throughout the reservation process of workspaces.

The key challenge was to create a plugin from the ground up and to show availability of the workspaces. We had to develop and modify the plugin in such a way that it can handle the demand of workspaces with different frequencies while specifying ranges of availability at the same time.


  • Upgrade of Reservation Process – To upgrade the reservation process while making the availabilities visible and up-to-date for the customers.
  • Visibility of Available Workspaces – To assist users in determining the availability of essential workspaces over the course of days, weeks, months, and years.
  • Customized & Optimized Mechanism  – To make sure that the developed plugin can help manage all the business needs during the reservation process while considering different frequencies and recurrence challenges.


To start with, our WordPress developers performed extensive analysis of the specifications before recommending the development of a custom WordPress Plugin that can address all reservation issues from the beginning. Before taking any further action, our initial responsibility was to fully comprehend all of the client’s requirements.

We were able to effectively develop a user-friendly and customized WordPress Plugin with the best implementation and practices of WordPress development that tackles all the reservation issues efficiently. The users could easily search through the workspace availabilities and even recurrence frequencies for booking their desired workspaces.

Following are some of the customizations that we successfully managed to implement throughout the event calendar;

  • Add/Remove Events.
  • Edit Events.
  • Update Events.
  • Recurring Events.
  • Upgrade in display design.
  • Events with different frequencies.
  • Provisions in the workspace, such as multimedia / projectors, sound system, stationery, whiteboard, seating arrangements, refreshments, etc.


  • The WordPress Plugin was successfully developed and implemented.
  • Dynamic customization of the plugin.
  • The users can now easily find the slots for reservations with different ranges and frequencies throughout the event calendar.
  • The client’s expectations were met in terms of objectives within set timelines.


  • The upgrade helped SirsiDynix to achieve maximum operational efficiency.
  • It also helped them expand their business with the availability of more specific data about the bookings pattern and as per the demands of the target audience.
  • The entire project was delivered in a cost-effective manner with an enhanced user experience.
  • The client credited this upgrade for an overall turnaround of their business operations and multifold revenue increase.
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Website Upgrade through Craft CMS and Contributed Plugins


The client was looking for a website redesign to stay up-to-date and at par with the W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) international web standards. They knew that it would take more than just adding new features, so they enlisted our services in order to help them fix any existing issues on their site as well get ahead of future problems.


When our client first hired us to help them fix their website, they were in a tight spot – they were unable to implement changes on their website and therefore, were unable to get it live.

Despite receiving very few details from the client about their project – from their website’s backend structure and administrative areas to the hosting services that they were using – we tackled the problem head on! Our first challenge was to analyze the full scale of the problem and then, to quickly deliver the client effective solutions while adhering to their specific requirements. 

The second challenge was redesigning their website, which hadn’t been modified in over 5 years! We were asked to make it sleek, elegant and modern, while upholding web development standards and using best practices. The client also requested feature updates and web maintenance solutions.


After we spent some time understanding the assignment, we realized that the changes weren’t being implemented correctly because of poor web infrastructure. To solve this problem, we backed up their database and code, made necessary fixes and proceeded to implement the relevant changes. After implementing the changes, we thoroughly tested the entire site and verified that changes on one page did not disturb the rest.

Once we had understood the ins and outs of their website and workflows, we moved on to the task of upgrading their version of Craft CMS core and its contributed plugins. We were able to make the update while also maintaining the integrity and functionality of the website.

We also ensured consistent collaboration and communication with the client, throughout the project, via Teamwork. They would often assign minor bug fixes and other changes on the collaboration tool, which we would resolve in a timely manner. 

We completely revamped the website to better meet their design and functionality requirements. And we were also able to integrate, as per their request, different forms with the external services, which collect data from form submission for tracking purposes.


  • We were able to successfully upgrade, update and integrate their website to bring it at par with community standards.
  • We were able to incorporate all the requested deployments and features while maintaining website integrity.
  • We were able to complete the project within the designated time-frame and ensure 100% client satisfaction.
  • The client has also enlisted us for the on-going maintenance of their website.


  • The client was able to get their website live very shortly after they enlisted us.
  • Their new website offers an elegant design and seamless user experience.
  • On-going site maintenance is a breeze!
  • Website integrity has been restored which will make future updates much easier.
  • The client will save tons of money on site maintenance.
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EDI Integration with Existing ERP

Our client is an established manufacturer and supplier of lifestyle products ranging from kitchen, household, fitness, and outdoor to recreation. Keeping in mind their broad spectrum of products, they are registered sellers on eBay, Amazon, etc.

They were receiving enormous numbers of orders from their partners. To ensure efficient business processes and lesser paperwork, they incorporated cloud based B2B EDI trading solution while integrating it with their NetSuite ERP for end-to-end cycle of order creation to order fulfillment.

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A group of people collaborating while seated at the desk
Laptop showing customer service, retention, and profitability locations on a world map


Being a large scale manufacturer, the client was already getting surplus orders. Due to COVID-19, the demand for their products increased further resulting in a great number of EDI based transactions. Due to a surge in such transactions, the cost of their current EDI service provider had also grown manifolds.

On a separate note, due to a constant increase in the EDI based transactions, mapping requirements also increased exponentially which is a cumbersome process, sometimes taking days and weeks to accomplish. This eventually creates business issues on the client / customer side. Besides, while accuracy remained a core requirement for seamless exchange of business transactions with their trading partners/stakeholders, the solution was also prone to errors.


  • Stability – the system has to be stable enough to handle several orders.
  • Monitoring – the system should be monitored to alert the operation personnel about any errors.
  • Partners: B2B and Big Box Retailers including Amazon, Ebay, Sephora, Macys, and Bed Bath & Beyond.


To overcome these major challenges, Azure Logic Apps has been implemented in place of customer’s existing EDI partner as a cost efficient option. It was also chosen to help increase the reliability, scalability and security of the system. Through Azure Logic Apps, the client gained more control on their frequent B2B transactions, eliminating the dependency on the existing EDI partner.


Implementing Azure Logic Apps has turned the system robust by efficient handling of enormous amount of B2B transactions. Moreover, it has resulted in providing the client more control on their frequent B2B transactions while also eliminating the dependency on the existing EDI partner. Not only the overall cost has decreased, but the cost efficiency has also increased up to a whopping 75%.


  • A range of APIs exposed as Connectors reduce the integration challenges
  • Connect and Integrate data from the cloud to on-premises
  • B2B and enterprise messaging in the cloud

About Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service which helps integrate different services by providing ready-to-use connectors, ranging from SQL Server or SAP to Azure Cognitive Services. While the underlying platform handles scale, availability, and performance, Logic Apps is especially useful for use cases and scenarios where coordinated action is needed across multiple systems and services.

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