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How To opt For the Top Drupal Agency for Website Migration

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Over 1.7 million websites have been created on Drupal, making it the preferred choice of many organizations and businesses, such as Tesla, NASA, and the NCAA. Since Drupal 8 will no longer be actively supported by the Drupal community, many people urgently need to migrate to a newer version! If you have a website on the Drupal server, you also have to go through the tedious task of finding the right Drupal migration company.

When the demand for the project doesn’t align with the resources you have, it’s a good idea to hire a Drupal agency in Boston. Even if you have the necessary resources, a drupal migration agency can help make sure your websites or apps are feature-rich and ready for their worldwide audience.

Here are a few things to keep into account when researching qualified Drupal development company.

1 – Don’t fall prey to hasty estimates

A potential contractor who looks at your site quickly and says, “We will be able to complete it in 300 hours” is probably not the one you should choose. It is necessary to thoroughly study all the details of the site in order to develop an accurate estimate of the project.

An estimate at a high level is available when necessary, but you should always intend to get a more comprehensive estimate before signing the contract. If you’re worried about the security of your website as developers investigate, just provide them temporary access that can be canceled when they’re done.

Don’t forget that you cannot give an accurate estimate for drupal migration without reviewing the site’s code, reviewing the theme’s JS and CSS, exploring its modules and settings, and gaining an understanding of its content architecture. Anybody who gives you a quote without checking out all these details will be lying.

2 – Request proof of overall Drupal experience

The term “experience with Drupal” refers to knowledge of various Drupal versions. Regardless of whether your site is built on Drupal 7 or 8, a thorough analysis is required for a clear understanding. Furthermore, knowledge of Drupal 9 is essential for understanding how features will be transferred from one site to another.

A Drupal migration company that has been in business for a long period of time is more likely to have worked with Drupal’s previous three versions. Request references and evidence from their previous clients.

3 – Experience migrating from Drupal 7/8 to 9

Almost a year has passed since Drupal 9 was released. An experienced Drupal 9 migration project manager is indeed a valuable asset. Make sure the Drupal migration company has experience with similar projects as you don’t want to be used as an “experiment” client. It is easier to get accurate estimates and better results when you have a team that knows what they’re doing.

4 – Contributions to Drupal Core and Drupal community involvement

Companies that design drupal websites who also have been actively involved in the Drupal community are better at making decisions when it comes to selecting components, customizing code, and ensuring a solution’s warranty.

An effective software project mitigates risk from the outset and anticipates problems before they arise. In the end, you will always get accurate estimates and a satisfactory outcome.

Across the Drupal ecosystem, core and module developers have a wealth of information regarding the current status of major projects. For a truly accurate assessment of the amount of effort involved, you’ll need a Drupal migration company that is knowledgeable about how things work at the most basic level.

The ideal candidate should be up to date on trending practices, have a strong grassroots involvement in the community, and be able to demonstrate that they will not spend hours coding PHP instead of implementing future-proof, maintainable, and flexible methods. That’s why we all choose Drupal, right?

Make Sure You Specify Which Modules You Use the Most

It’s important to keep your users happy, which is why you should ask for alternatives before the “Migration” is deployed. Ask things like “What will this solution look like if we can’t migrate this content?” or “This section is indispensable”.

The Drupal ecosystem has changed a great deal since Drupal 7, if we may call it that. Some modules have merged with others, while others have disappeared, forked, or have been completely rewritten under a new name. Nevertheless, your current site is built on top of it, and those are features you should definitely keep.


Your site should reflect your vision and the way you want to be perceived by your visitors. Ensure to have all the elements of your site from the very beginning, so things go smoothly during the migration process.

It is important to consider a number of qualifications when looking for a Drupal developer in Boston. Our detailed advice is intended to assist you in making the right decision. Reach out to Boston-based Mpire Solutions for a FREE Consultation if you still need professional assistance in finding a Drupal migration company.

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