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Finance & Accounting

As a leading F&A BPO service provider with extensive experience providing effective BPO solutions for numerous businesses across the globe, MPIRE SOLUTIONS augments your enterprise Finance and Accounting capabilities in areas such as procurement and supply chain Book keeping, Collections and Receivables, General Accounting, Record-to-Report and Financial Planning & Analysis.

Leveraging our services improves your financial agility through better cash flow management, enhanced collections, reduced reconciliations efforts, improved receivables, accurate reporting, accelerated revenue cycles, among others; this ultimately positively impacts revenue growth. Our Resources are well trained on accounting software i.e. Quickbooks , Sage, SAP , Netsuite and other commercial ERP’s.

Back Office

MPIRE SOLUTIONS deep industry specific expertise helps us to tailor customized back office BPO services that match your business needs. We aim to enhance your service delivery excellence while ensuring compliance with industry-followed quality and security standards.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals assigned tasks and undergo regular skill training to maintain the standard of their competencies.

We have helped several industries for Catalog Management, Data entry, Data mining, Transaction Processing, Billing & Invoicing and OCR Services.

Call Center

An effective customer service group is a game-changer when it comes to customer retention. Therefore, it is essential to have a robust team backed up by a dependable customer support system.

MPIRE SOLUTIONS provides highly trained staff with expertise across different business verticals. These include order taking, customer service support, email/chat support, data processing and logistics support. We work across industries including fast food chains, telecom, healthcare, hospitality and insurance.

Technical Support

MPIRE SOLUTIONS has more than 10-years’ experience providing quality, comprehensive technical support, customer service, and QA testing. Our management team has extensive experience in the computer technology fields and we have worked with software developers and publishers from a wide range of industries. In addition, we have an aggressive program of keeping up with new technology, so we are ready when customers call with new problems on new devices.

Our tech experts have dealt with issues concerning integration, updates, databases, and connectivity. We stick to a high level of service, providing tech support with fast responses and emergency troubleshooting.