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Top 13 Benefits Of Using Shopify For Your Ecommerce Business

Shopify is a great platform for entrepreneurs looking to create an eCommerce business. The benefits of using Shopify are many and can help you grow your business faster than expected. In this article, we will discuss these benefits as well as the steps that every entrepreneur should take before constructing their online store.

What Is Shopify?

Before we discuss the benefits of using Shopify, it is important to first understand what is Shopify. In short, Shopify allows entrepreneurs and businesses to create an online store that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means you won’t have a separate website for your eCommerce business – instead, all consumers will visit your retail outlet.

Benefits Of Shopify

Setting up your online store is quick and easy as anyone with basic computer skills can do it. Maintaining your eCommerce business is also made simple through the use of Shopify. You’ll get access to benefits like analytics that allow you to monitor performance on key metrics such as total revenue.

Let’s discuss some of these main benefits in detail;

SEO & Marketing Tools

Through Shopify, you can get access to SEO and marketing tools. These tools will help improve organic traffic on your online retail outlet, which means more sales. You’ll also be able to use these benefits for paid advertising campaigns through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.

Shopify also includes access to analytics that will help you monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) on your eCommerce business. You’ll be able to see which products are the most popular, where your traffic is coming from, and so much more! This data will allow you to make informed decisions about how best to improve sales.

Shopify Pricing

Another benefit of using Shopify is that the pricing benefits are flexible. You can either opt for a monthly fee or you pay to access all benefits forever! Most merchants try to seek out different plans and want to know that how much does Shopify cost. Well, it depends on the  If your business doesn’t require all benefits, then choose from our premium plans.

There’s no need to worry about any hidden fees with Shopify, since it does not include transaction fees or other hidden charges, which means you get to keep every dollar that’s earned from your online store! If you’re looking for a platform to create an eCommerce store then consider Shopify to achieve your goals.

Working With Product Variants

The advantage of using Shopify with product variations is that you can easily manage products and inventory. This means if a shirt color or size becomes out of stock then it won’t be available for purchase until your business restocks those items.

Product variants refer to products that vary in color, size, or any other unique identifier. This can be something as simple as a dress shirt with different sizes and colors available for purchase – each product variant is sold at the same price.

You can organize your products into product categories and collections. This makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for as well as making inventory management a lot simpler, which means more time focusing on the things that matter!

Shopify Payments

Another benefit of using Shopify is that you can get access to secure and reliable payments, i.e., it helps customers in such a way that they won’t need to enter their payment information while checking out, which saves time and allows consumers to complete the checkout process quickly. Customers will also be able to use their preferred payment methods.

Shopify Shipping

Shopify also benefits users through the best shipping rates. This is important because you can better strategize how to reduce your shipping costs by using this platform. Instead of determining the cost on your own, this feature allows for flat-rate or free shipping – both options are available with benefits!

Using Shopify with product variants helps to streamline your eCommerce business. It allows you to better manage inventory and products, while also providing a secure payment option for customers.

Shopify Themes

Shopify includes access to free and premium themes. These themes can help you design your eCommerce store with ease, which means it won’t take too much time or effort on your part! There are also plenty of different styles that come in both free and premium forms so customers will be able to shop based on preference. Furthermore, there are no limitations to use these themes.

Shopify Ecommerce Apps

With Shopify, you can access eCommerce apps. These apps range from shipping carriers to payment processors and much more, giving your business the ability to streamline tasks based on what works best for you! There are also plenty of choices when it comes to app quality as well as affordability so you’ll be able to find something that’s right for your company.

Using Shopify will allow you unlimited benefits which means free use forever! This includes theme usage and all other features such as analytics, security options, and customizable templates – which makes running an online store easier than ever before.


Another benefit of using Shopify is that it’s mobile-responsive. This means the website will adapt to whatever device it’s being viewed from – whether it’s a desktop or mobile phone! Also, there are no restrictions if you want to customize your theme. Shopify automatically updates in real-time meaning customers can view product information and prices without any delay.


The main advantage of using Shopify is that it’s customizable. This means you can make your online store as unique as possible, which makes running an eCommerce business easier than ever before!

Shopify also includes access to analytics options. These options allow for data and insights based on what customers do while browsing the site – making customer service more effective and efficient in turn. It also allows you to monitor trends over time so market research will be much simpler with benefits at your disposal!

Accepting Credit Cards Using Shopify Benefits

You won’t have to worry about any transaction fees when taking payments through benefits, making it cheaper than other options out there! With benefits at your disposal, the only cost to take credit cards will be for a PCI compliance certificate – which can be purchased separately or bundled in with benefits if desired.

Using Shopify benefits includes access to real-time updates. Customers are able to view product information and prices without delay so this makes browsing much easier on them! Also, no one wants to wait around for hours just waiting until an item goes back up in price so being able to see these changes right away is beneficial both ways. If this sounds like a good fit then consider signing up today!

The Number Of Shopify Users 

As of 2020, Shopify recorded $5.1B sales with more than $1.7M merchants using the platform. This is a huge number compared to other options out there! If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform that’s not only user-friendly but also affordable then Shopify could be the right choice for your company in order to reach out to the maximum targeted and potential customers!

Easy To Set Up And Use

The best thing about Shopify is that it’s easy to set up and use. You won’t have to worry about any complicated tech skills or hiring a developer because benefits work perfectly on their own!

Using Shopify benefits includes access to fast-loading times, which means customers can view product pages in no time – increasing your sales numbers in turn. Also, you’ll be able to find out what the most popular products are so planning future inventory will become easier than ever before with benefits at your disposal!

Secure & Reliable

Shopify is secure and reliable. This means you won’t have to worry about your data being compromised or hacked, making your business much safer in the long run!

The number of Shopify users in 2021 has reached a huge number of 2,297 million websites which makes sense considering all offers. It’s free for 14-days so give it a try now – what do you have to lose? Just think how great benefits can be once fully integrated into your company!


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that provides users with countless advantages to running a business. It’s customizable, allows for analytics data and insights, offers real-time updates on product information & prices, takes credit cards without transaction fees, has 1M+ users & more than 500 partners.

If you are looking for a custom Shopify solution, contact Mpire Solutions at your earliest and we will provide you a FREE Consultation as your earliest convenience.

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