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A Complete Guide On Website Redesign

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to redesign your website to increase the website performance, this is the article for you. Learn about what it takes to create an attractive and usable web design that will convert website visitors into target customers.

A website is like a living entity. It needs to be maintained and updated periodically in order to stay relevant. Websites are also changing all the time, with new updates being added every day. These updates often require changes to the web design of your site to remain functional and aesthetically pleasing.

This article will cover everything you need to know about website redesign in an easy-to-follow way that covers both technical aspects as well as practical advice on how best to work with clients throughout the website redesign process.

This blogpost will cover the following information:

  • What is a website redesign project?
  • What does a website redesign process include?
  • Why do companies need to keep their websites up-to-date?
  • How to redesign a website?
  • 5 questions to answer before a website redesign project
  • Website redesign Vs Website refresh

What Is a Website Redesign Project?

A website redesign strategy is when you change the layout and appearance of a site structure. Sometimes, little changes in web design can do a huge difference to how well your redesigned site performs.

  • There are many reasons for companies to consider updating their existing website:
  • To keep up with changing trends or standards.
  • A new marketing campaign with marketing strategy and marketing efforts requires more prominent branding elements.
  • The company has evolved and needs an updated look to reflect the current business image.

No matter what your reason for wanting a complete overhaul of your site, it’s important that you understand why this might be necessary before making any decisions about starting the project. Sometimes small but significant improvements can make all the difference between stagnation and forward momentum. For example, adding responsiveness will allow people to view your online store no matter what mobile devices they are using.

What Does A Website Redesign Process Include?

A website redesign strategy includes much more than just changing up the colors of the background and text. A complete overhaul requires changes throughout both web design elements as well as technical components required for managing content whether it’s a WordPress website or any other kind.

There are often six main phases involved when doing a full website redesign.

  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Coding and functionality changes
  • Content migration/creation
  • Content creation or migration of new content pages that have changed or are being built from scratch
  • Testing, testing & more testing!

Do not neglect this step if you want your website redesign project to be a success. You don’t want to release anything without knowing absolutely everything has been tested in every way possible so the last thing anyone sees is broken links or images!

Your business will look unprofessional – which means fewer website conversions when all they had to do was click on something “broken” twice before giving up entirely. Don’t let it even get that far though because usability tests can help point out any problem proactively rather than waiting until you have a problem before trying to fix it.

  • Launch!

Once everything has been tested and you know all the content is in place, then this final step can be taken care of as quickly as possible without any more delays. It is highly suggested to use a content management system to increase the overall productivity of your website. The faster your site goes live after user testing, the better for everyone involved because happiness breeds success! If people are not happy with something they will start looking elsewhere – what’s going on at other companies is always top of mind when we make purchasing decisions online.

This means if their experience isn’t up to par or there is even one little hiccup along the way – like broken images or internal links — website visitors will hold off until whatever problems arise get fixed first before returning back home again. That means lost revenue and lost potential customers! This is why it is recommended to consult your web designer to optimize your official website.

Why Do Companies Need To Keep Their Sites Up-To-Date?

There are many reasons for wanting a new website development but the main reason is that your company should always be evolving. If you’re not, then it’s time to ask yourself why that might possibly be and take advantage of every opportunity before moving forward. You may have noticed things like social media or mobile devices play an increasingly large role in how people interact with businesses online which means website redesign should also be considered so they can reflect these changes as well. However, there is no doubt that search engine optimization efforts are also necessary to increase the organic web traffic on your website.

The question becomes what this change looks like though because there are plenty of ways one could go about updating or changing web design elements on-site pages even if only slight tweaks are being made here and there.

What works best for one business might not be the best choice in another so it’s always a good idea to have some expert advice on hand from someone who knows what they are doing and can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed, such as a professional web designer.

Making sure your existing website pages are up-to-date with basic search engine optimization strategies and operating properly is important because it shows that you care enough about your business or organization to want everything working together smoothly without any problems hampering results down the line. A website redesign project includes all-new features like faster load speeds (a must), better security measures (more important than ever with hackers out there) as well as making changes that will ultimately improve the user interface when visiting home base!

It doesn’t matter how expensive a redesigned website project may seem, it really is a small price to pay over the next few years compared to losing out on potential customers and revenue. This also helps avoid any dangerous situations down the line with security breaches or even viruses because you can never be too safe when working online!

How To Redesign A Website?

The process of an existing website redesign project can be quite daunting, especially if you are new to it or have not done so in the past. However, with some guidance and good resources at hand, this process is simplified significantly giving anyone an opportunity to enjoy what they do online create great results for their business/organization!

Here are a few steps that can be helpful if you consider them throughout the process of a website redesign project.

Create Action Plan Trackers

You should be clear about your action plan. You can use various spreadsheets to help you keep track of all your progress as these plans are being put into action. Each cell contains a task that needs to be done so simply fill in the name of what is being taken care of at any given time and

then move on from there! This will also allow for better organization, prioritizing tasks/projects among the team of web designers and other departments who may be working together, and tracking results along the way through Google analytics (what’s working and not). Plus it makes sharing updates or uploading new information easier since everything is centralized like this where everyone can access them when need be. Take the right steps ready to get done with the redesign project.

Go to your Google analytics page and see how many pages are the most visited, least viewed, or never accessed at all throughout the entire site(s). This will help you recognize which changes need to be made because it’s important to consider who is using this platform overall before deciding how best to move forward with updates/changes. You might be surprised by the results here so don’t assume anything until everything has been taken into consideration!

Document Everything That’s Current

Make sure that have complete documented records of your entire site. You can then compare these to other sites in the same industry and see where they stand out vs where you might be lacking so it’s important to get a full view of what is working well for everyone else before making changes that don’t reflect “norms” or trends among top performers online today.

You can also check whether or not visitors have been dropping off at certain points during their time on-site which represents an area where changes might need to take place so they feel more engaged overall!

Build Upon Strengths

If you’ve done all of the above properly and worked through everything step by step here then it’s important to look at what is working right now versus thinking about changing things too much along these lines unless absolutely necessary. It’s easy enough just building out new features and functionality to important pages that are already popular and work well for your visitors. That way you can keep things consistent and not disrupt what is currently working as the foundation of your site(s).

Develop New Content

Once everything else has been completed, it’s time to develop some new interesting pieces of website content so there is finally something fresh here! You don’t have to reinvent the wheel entirely but at least come up with a few ideas or topics that will help guide this process along without too much difficulty overall.

Why? Because by now you should know your target audience inside out which means knowing exactly what they want/need in order to be successful online today. This is exactly where a good content management system becomes handy.

Once you have a clear understanding of this then it will be easy to figure out what content is needed in order for them to get the most value from their experience on-site. That way, they’ll want to come back time and again while also making sure that your business stays relevant online/on top of trends moving forward! Remain consistent with visual elements of design As mentioned earlier, consistency should not go by the wayside once things are updated or changed here so be mindful about how all these changes lookup against one another because simply “shuffling” around existing landing pages won’t necessarily drive traffic over any longer either which means no results overall. If users can still find everything easily enough though (with proper labeling) then there’s no reason why they won’t stick around for the long haul.

Review Analytics & Goals Monthly

Once everything is up and running again here, make sure to check back in with your Google Analytics or another analytic marketing tool at least once per month so you can see how things are performing overall throughout the search engines. If traffic has dropped off considerably after making changes then it’s time to go back through all of these steps one by one until that begins to climb back up as well!

Plus, regular checks will help you stay on track towards any future redesign project which might be needed down the line too if this process isn’t successful enough moving forward.

Time And Money: Your Two Most Valuable Resources

As with any project or task that’s being worked on, at the end of the day, there is always going to be time and money involved in making changes. However, you have to remember these are your two most valuable resources when it comes down to doing anything online so don’t waste either one by trying out things that simply won’t work no matter how much the effort is put into them!

That way you can make sure any future websites (for clients or if starting a new website from scratch for target audience) will be successful moving forward and get traffic/sales quickly after launch too which should always remain the goal overall.

Make It Happen!

That’s it! You have now seen how to redesign a website from start to finish. All you need is the determination and willpower to get through anything that comes your way in order for this process to be successful overall. Just remember, take one step at a time and don’t rush things because rushing only leads towards mistakes which can cost money or even worse – kill any chance of success going forward so avoid all these potential pitfalls by focusing on what works best here instead.

Once again: Make sure everything looks aesthetically pleasing throughout while also ensuring users remain engaged after each landing page they visit too without much trouble. Remember these key points along with the rest covered above and there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever!

Overview of Website Redesign Service Providers

This blog post provides an overview for those interested in learning more about how to redesign your website with the most up-to-date features and all the design elements. A professional website redesign service provider will keep topics covered in this guide that is going to be 100% successful overall due to various reasons whether related directly towards the content on-site or simply based upon how quickly users click off after arriving (i.e., bounce rate, etc.). Make sure that you implement the best content management system for better optimization.

5 Questions To Answer Before A Website Redesign Project

Although we’ve already gone through an entire redesign process from start to finish here on this blog (with all the details along with it) there are still some key questions that need to be answered as a website redesign checklist before actually starting out.

  1. What is your goal for doing a site redesign?
  2. How will you measure success after launch?
  3. Why does your website pages currently look and function as it does right now?
  4. Is your current design/layout functional or aesthetic only?
  5. Does everything work properly throughout each landing page of the current website without issue at all times too?

These are just 5 of the many questions you will probably need to ask yourself here in order for this process to be successful overall.  Additionally, they are all very important when it comes down to the end result too so try not to overlook any of them! If done correctly nothing can stop success from coming fast after launch no matter what the goal may be.

Make sure that you consult the best website redesign agency for authentic and significant outcomes as they have all the experience and expertise to optimize your previous website. You can also check redesign examples through your selected agency.

Website Redesign Vs Website Refresh

Website Redesign vs Website Refresh – What’s The Difference?

When it comes down to redesigning your current site there really isn’t much of a difference between doing something referred to as ‘redesigning’ versus just refreshing your current layout instead. This is because all you’re really doing is applying a brand new design to your current site that works better with the latest technology available today.

However, when it comes down to refreshing things are usually done for one of two reasons depending upon how large or small an update is needed overall here (i.e., layout only vs entire website overhaul). The first reason would be due to there being some kind of problem with either the functionality or appearance on the current website which needs changing right away too without any doubt.


The redesign process is not something to take lightly. It can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, but the end result will likely be worth it for your business. When you are ready to start this project, there are many things that you need to consider before hiring an agency or taking on the task yourself. Knowing what these considerations are will help make sure that all of your bases are covered during this pivotal decision-making period in your company’s growth cycle.

With so much at stake, don’t take any chances by doing anything less than consulting with MpireSolutions who have experience with website design projects like yours!

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